Felicity Huffman: Family Dinners Are Like Taking Medicine

Desperate Housewives star, Felicity Huffman, and actor husband William H. Macy have managed to bring a sense of ‘together-ness’ to their family unit. But, it wasn’t always welcomed. The blonde bombshell shares her story on her first iVillage blog.

When the Macy/Huffman duo started a family, their gypsy lifestyle changed. The addition of daughters, Sophia, 11, and Georgia, 9, initiated a family tradition now known as ‘the Muffman family dinner.’

Dinner-time wasn’t always an enjoyable event for the Georgia Rule star.

I hated family dinners. They were something to be endured growing up: the boring conversations, my mother overwhelmed and grumpy, my father just sitting there and not helping, my sisters always on some weird diet and not being able to eat the food. I found them depressing.”

With the negative baggage carried from her childhood, the mother of two compared family dinners with taking medicine. “I don’t know why they filled me with existential despair, but they did. I knew they were supposed to be good for you.”

As the years went on, the Emmy Award-winner, began to see things a little differently.

They are actually, truly, surprisingly fun. Not like medicine at all. Wonderful watershed events have happened at our family table. When our youngest was two, she finally said her sister’s name out loud for the first time, which made her sister do a dance of joy around our kitchen. When our oldest was nine, she suddenly threw her arms in the air and shouted, “I can’t wait to grow boobs and get my period!”

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