Victoria Beckham & Harper: Ready For New York Fashion Week

Now that’s a posh accessory!

Dressed to the nines, Victoria Beckham was seen with her adorable daughter Harper Seven, 7 months, arriving at JFK International Airport in New York City on Tuesday (February 7). The mom-of-four toted her tot as she made her way through the busy terminal in killer heels and shades. Earlier that same day, we spotted the mother-daughter duo departing from the Los Angeles International Airport.

Vicki is in the Big Apple to show her fall collection during Fashion Week. Her line of dresses mirrors her own sophisticated style, described as both “a seamless progression” from her main line and “NOT a second line.”

Just over three years ago, Victoria debuted her fashion collection at New York Fashion Week to rave reviews. Now, as she returns — with baby Harper in tow — to the spot where it all began, the former Spice Girl seems to have the world watching.

Gwyneth Paltrow, Charlize Theron and Cameron Diaz are among the celebrities reportedly asking to have Beckham “dress” them for Hollywood’s biggest night, the upcoming Academy Awards. According to The Daily Mail, the busy mama is working “day and night” to meet the demand.

We do have requests in from stylists for the Oscars, but as our team is so small we don’t have the opportunity to custom make dresses like the bigger fashion houses,” a Beckham rep said. “Nor do we have the big budgets to pay people to endorse our brand, so it’s really a waiting game and we won’t know until the night if any of our dresses will be worn.”

Victoria and her husband, soccer star David Beckham, are also parents to sons Brooklyn, 12, Romeo, 9, and Cruz, 6.

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  1. Anabelle

    I know if anyone can walk confidently in heels, Posh can, but still, whenever I see her walking around with that baby I’m on edge! x

  2. Sandy Eve

    She’s the perfect working mum and wife and on top of that a real lady! How is she doing it?

  3. Anonymous

    @ Sandy Eve. How is she doing it??? Please tell me you’re joking. She’s doing it with millions of dollars and 10 nannies assisting her. That’s how. She holds that baby when paps are near and then throws it off on one of the nannies as soon as the paps are gone.

  4. Anonymous

    Such chubby cheeks! And in reply to Anabelle’s comment I think it’s safe to say she’s an expert at walking in heels, I mean, she’s been wearing them for YEARS so the chances of there being an accident are unlikely IMO.

  5. Anonymous

    To Anonymous Feb. 9 @ 4:17pm – you just make you own assumption on her throwing her baby off to the nannies once the paps are gone. Clearly you have never watch Victoria since 12 years ago when they got their first kid, Brooklyn. Victoria has NEVER passed any of her children to the nannies when she was/is around, paps in present or not. The same goes to David. Yes, they have nannies, but only to take care of the kids when they are not around. It’s not always nannies either. Sometimes they are with the grandparents or in laws. The point is, the kids are always with the family 24/7. If Victoria has never took care of her kids – like what you’re saying – you won’t see the kids happy when they are with their mother. Instead, all we see is that the kids are CLOSE with Victoria, always affectionate with her and always happy. Please…next time when you want to accuse her (or anyone else) of anything, please back it up with proof.

  6. Anonymous

    There are funny pics Harper puking as they were going into the airport, too bad CBB didn’t post those! She puked all over Victoria’s hand and her bodyguard wiped it up! “How does she do it?”… Wow. Are you seriously that naive? She has hundreds of millions of dollars, an army of staff and assistants and bodyguards, and yes, she does seem like she takes a fairly active role in her kids lives but we don’t know what goes on behind closed doors. For all we know, as soon as there are no cameras, she passes off the kid to a nanny. I can’t believe someone would actually ask “how does she do it”, knowing full well that this woman is not like the average working mother. Ridiculous.

  7. Barbara

    Please, please smile. I cant stand her glum, sad, sour expression. I dont think Ive ever seen a picture of her smiling.

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