Beyoncé & Jay-Z Hope To Trademark Baby Blue’s Name

A child’s name is sometimes a very difficult thing for two parents to agree upon. Once you finally come up with something that works for both – especially if it’s original and different – you hope no one else chooses that same name for any reason whatsoever. It seems new parents and R&B royalty Beyoncé and Jay-Z are taking strong measures to ensure that very thing doesn’t happen to them.

According to Rolling Stone, the power couple have filed an application – made through Beyoncé’s company BGK Trademark Holdings – with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office to protect the name of their infant daughter Blue Ivy Carter. They have reserved the right to their daughter’s name for possible use as a brand name for a line of baby-related products, including carriages, diaper bags and baby cosmetics.

The couple had to act quickly after fashion designer Joseph Mbeh apparently submitted an application to trademark the label Blue Ivy Carter NYC on January 11th, four days after little Blue made her debut. A second applicant attempted to claim Blue Ivy Carter Glory IV for a line of fragrances on January 20th. Both claims were reportedly denied as the Trademark Office recognized that the name belong to the famous infant.

Joseph later issued a statement claiming that he had plans to pitch the line of products to Jay-Z and Beyoncé with no intention of ripping them off.

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  • anonymous

    dont worry guys….no one wants it

    • Janna

      I’m sure there are plenty of people who’d like to make a buck off that child’s name (several have already tried, look it up). Can’t say I blame them for wanting to protect her name.

    • Anonymous

      obviously that’s not true if two people have already tried to trademark it…

    • Anonymous


  • kayla

    trademark dat shitt!!! :p

  • Anonymous

    These two morons deserve each other.

    Don’t they get it that NO ONE will ever want to use that stupid name?

    • Tabitha

      Can you not read? Two people have already tried to use it!

      • Anonymous

        Sarcasm you idiot.

  • anonymous

    Darn. I was hoping to use that name for a new plant that I’ve been breeding.

    • Anonymous


  • Anabelle

    This couple are really starting to piss me off. Right from the very beginning they’ve used that baby like a publicity tool.

  • Anonymous

    Seems a bit OTT… why all the fuss over a kid’s name?

  • Anonymous

    Get over yourselves. Seriously. Your baby’s barely a month old and you’re already planning to capitalize on her. Sick.

    • Rae

      I don’t think they’re planning on using the name for a line of products. They’re just preventing anyone else from using it.

      • Anonymous

        “They have reserved the right to their daughter’s name for possible use as a brand name for a line of baby-related products, including carriages, diaper bags and baby cosmetics.”

  • Megan

    Like anyone sane would want the name Blue Ivy. You two idiots can have it.

  • melo1983

    Please get over yourself.

  • Anonymous

    The name BlueIvy already existed There’s an ivy plant named Blue Ivy, and there are Blue Ivy geraniums. In FL, there’s a Blue Ivy Cakery open in 2008, So it would be that their trying to make money of the name of a company and flower without owners permission.

  • Anonymous

    Money is evil.

  • Anonymous

    Baby cosmetics?!?

  • Anonymous

    hahaha! what a pair of conceited idiots! i can’t wait to see how much money they’re going to get for the baby’s first magazine cover. anywhere care to guess which one it will be?

    • anonymous

      I’ll put my money on People. That seems to be the magazine who nabs most of the higher profile, most sought after, yet terribly over rated baby pics.

  • SMH

    What makes Blue Ivy so special that her name can’t be used? Although I think people are just as crazy as they are to name a girl Blue Ivy but I feel people have the right.

    Jay Z put two words together. Blue and Ivy. THey didn’t invent them!

  • Kim

    Hey whatever. To me “blue” is a past tense verb. I wouldn’t debase or saddle any of my girls with that.

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