Jessica Alba: Pretty In Pink

Jessica Alba took Haven to visit a friend in Brentwood, Calif. on Thursday (February 9). The sweet 6-month-old was seen napping in her infant car seat.

The 30-year-old actress looked retro cool in bright pink jeans, a black leather jacket and black flats.

Alba is currently working on her new e-commerce business – The Honest Company. In a recent interview Alba said her 3-year-old daughter Honor inspired her to start it.

She said, “Honor definitely inspired it because she inspires me. But why it was “Honest” is that I just wanted a company that was truly honest. We put all of our ingredients of everything that’s inside our products on our bottles. Good luck trying to find that on another diaper company.”

She also said she loves seeing Haven in diapers.

I’m kind of obsessed with diapers because I have my 5-month-old, and I love seeing her in them. Before I’d have to put her in bloomers because white or brown diapers aren’t super-cute. But now she can just run around in her diaper and, well, she’s not really running. She’s just kind of laying there, but she’s so cute!”

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Photo credit: Splash

  • Anonymous

    Pretty sure those aren’t pumps.

    • Lisa Weber


  • Jem

    LOVE those pants! anyone know where they are from?

    • anonymous

      I really like them too, although I don’t know if I’m brave enough to wear them. They look really cute on her though.

  • anonymous2

    You have to give her credit for being a VERY hands on mom. Never see her passing off the kids to a nanny, and she could certainly afford one. She seems to be one of the few “down to earth” and caring parents out there.

    • VeronicaRamos

      Yep, though I’ve seen her with the nanny. The red-haired girl is her niece, who is also her nanny. Kind of cute.

      • Anonymous 3

        how you know that she is the niece?

    • Anonymous

      uh, I read the red-haired girl is a nanny, who just happens to be the sister of her in-law. Come on people, she does have a nanny. Who do you think take care of the kids when she films, in her office, when she’s out and about? Just because she is Gwen Stefani, where 2 nannies trail them everywhere, doesn’t mean she doesn’t have one.

  • adolfo

    you are cute

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