Wendy Williams On New Line Of Accessories, Ongoing Thoughts On Adoption

Talk show host Wendy Williams is the latest celebrity mom to design her own line of costume jewelry and accessories. The New York Times bestselling author has been busy working with QVC on Adorn by Wendy Williams: her line of earrings, necklaces, watches and handbags.

The mom-of-one opens up to Celebrity Baby Scoop about Adorn and the importance of good accessories, her 11-year-old son Kevin, and her heartbreaking miscarriages and ongoing thoughts on adoption.

CBS: Tell us all about Adorn by Wendy Williams!

WW: “I’m so excited – it’s finally here! It’s been about a year in the making. I’ve partnered with QVC, I have a great design team, and a whole lot of ideas in my head that needed a lot of creative people to help me out. The line is bold. I’m working with various stones and metals, as well as various lengths. It is costume jewelry, but it’s good costume jewelry. One of the things I love about working with QVC is that they’ve always stood for quality, value and customer service. I’ve been a customer of them for years.

I’d like to think my line is ageless. I’ve certainly asked enough women of various ages what they feel about the pieces. Everyone from my mother who’s in her 70’s, to my niece who’s in her 20’s, I have a sister in her 50’s and I’m 47.

I named the line Adorn because we all go up and down in weight and we all get older. But if you do it right, your accessories are the one thing that won’t turn their backs on you. They’re your adornment! The difference between the same black dress that you have on and the girl across the room has on is how you adorn. Which watch did you wear? Which handbag? So my line is a labor of love, but it’s also a necessity!

I have 3 pieces available right now that are available at QVC.com: a necklace, a ring, and a cuff bracelet. I introduced them on the Lisa Robertson Show. She’s a Q-girl and has been for year. I was on with her for about 10 minutes last Friday. I go back for my 1-hour sell on February 16th at 8 p.m. EST and then February 17th at 1 a.m. EST.”

CBS: Will you consider doing hair pieces one day?

WW: “I’d love to do hair pieces one day! Believe me, I’ve been asking around! But I don’t want to sell something that I wouldn’t wear myself. With the talk show, my look has almost become as important to some viewers as the hot topics or the celebrities I’m interviewing! It’s very flattering and I take that responsibility very seriously. I like to bring good quality stuff, at affordable prices. I am also doing a shoe line – they were very well received.

But with my QVC line, I love it all. There’s a story to be told about all the pieces. For the past year, I have worn a flower ring on my right hand. It’s a ring that I purchased for myself about 10 years ago. I got it for myself, my husband had nothing to do with it. It’s a nice, big, substantial ring made of diamonds. I’ve taken that flower ring and used it as an inspiration for my entire line. It’s got the clear-stone diamond look. You know, why should accessories cost a fortune? And why should your outfits have to be dictated by your waistline?”

CBS: What does your son Kevin think of his fashionista mama? Is he into fashion?

WW: “He is into fashion, but guy fashion like Jordan sneakers and things like that. But what does he think? He loves it! He loves that I’m creative and that I have various interests. He loves that I love other things, and not ‘just’ being his mom. He likes to see me creating and doing things. He does give his opinion on things here and there. I’m always test-running things.”

CBS: Madonna’s kids recently told her, “Just be Mom and be normal.” Do you ever get that from Kevin?

WW: “Madonna’s style is a little bit different because she wears underpants, fishnets and thing-high boots! That would be her work uniform. For me, my work uniform is pencil skirts. Sure, every now and again I will slip on a short dress and 7-inch heels. But, for the mostpart, my work uniform is so great. I just love it. Everybody wants a little bit of pep in her wardrobe.”

CBS: Have you ever wanted a daughter to share your fabulous wardrobe with?

WW: “My last egg is dried up, are you kidding me?! I was on bed rest to have little Kev. And I’ve had several miscarriages – two of them were at 5-months and they were both girls. So one day, when I get to the crossroads of life, I’ll have two girls waiting for me. After I had him, honest to goodness, I gained 103 pounds. So I know what it’s like when your clothes give out on you, but your bracelets are still good!

I was a lunatic when I first became a mother. I would say to myself: What in the world, how do you do this, the breastfeeding thing is so hard, will I ever lose the weight, what’s going to become of my career, why am I even thinking about my career that’s so selfish of me? Now 11 years later, I’m the best possible mother that I can be. My own mom says that I’m a good mom and that does mean a lot.

Our son really loves us. I would have loved to have had a daughter. I go in and out of thinking about adoption. But the older that I get, the more I say, ‘If I’m going to do this, I better do it now.’ ”

CBS: Any Valentine’s Day plans coming up?

WW: “I want lobster and I already told my husband that!

I have to tell you that we’re the least tradition of many of the couples we know. We got married at city hall in regular clothes, we ordered Chinese afterwards, there were no witnesses and we’ve been married for 14 years. When my birthday comes, I can’t remember when I’ve asked my husband for a gift. We almost feel like if we celebrate the holidays that everybody else celebrates, it will jinx our love.

We have date nights and we work together. We have mutual respect as life partners and business partners. We are both sexier and more attractive to each other today than when we first met, which is saying a whole lot because we started dating 17 years ago. I BS you not, my husband is hotter now than he was all those years ago.

We also have separate interests within the confines of working together and co-parenting. It just works for us. And if I go to the mall and I see something perfect for him, I’m not going to put it under the bed and wait until Valentine’s Day! I want to give it to him today. I’m a career girl, I can go out and buy things for myself so I don’t need a lot of gifts from him. But what he does give me is his love and encouragement.”

Be sure to tune into The Wendy Williams Show next week in celebration of Valentine’s Day. How You Datin’? Week starts on Monday (February 13).

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