Beyoncé & Jay-Z: Introducing Blue Ivy Carter!

R&B royalty Jay-Z and Beyoncé unveiled highly-anticipated pictures of their beautiful newborn daughter Blue Ivy Carter on Friday, opting to post intimate family shots on Tumblr today rather than selling them to the highest bidder.

We welcome you to share in our joy. Thank you for respecting our privacy during this beautiful time in our lives, The Carter family,” the power couple wrote.

The Knowles-Carters posted five images showing their newborn, already sporting a head of long black hair, being cuddled by her proud parents and capturing intimate moments of family life.

Blue Ivy, born on January 7 in New York, has not yet been seen by the public until now. The couple unveiled their stunning daughter online, unlike fellow A-listers Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie as seen here.

the glowing new mom, 30, and Watch The Throne rapper Jay-Z, 42, were wed in 2008, and Blue Ivy is their first child.

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  1. Anonymous

    Looks just like Beyonce and grandma Tina.

  2. AnonymousNamesR4Punks

    Wow! Stunning, Blue looks just like mommy! She also looks like Beyonce’s sister’s son. That family has some beautiful genes. Absolutely Gorgeous! Congrats Carter Family!

  3. Anonymous

    Aww, she’s adorable. Looks just like her momma (:

  4. Anonymous

    She is beautiful! Beyonce’s mini me for sure! Congrats to the family!

  5. MeganCarter

    Cute! Look at all that hair! Looks just like my friend’s daughter Indra when she was first born, but she’s East Indian! Too funny! Can’t wait to see how she changes when she grows up!

  6. Shirelle

    She is so cute!!! But she don’t look like her parents

  7. Tiffany

    Thank God! She is a beautiful girl

  8. Courtney

    @MeganCarter Blue doesn’t have to look like her parents she can look like other family members or a close family friend. she’s a little beauty

  9. Calla

    She is gorgeous.

    I agree with Courtney. I look nothing like my parents but I am a spitting image of my aunt.

  10. AMY

    beautiful baby girl!

    to the poster who said she looks nothing like her parents – you should see my daughter! lol her father is half indian (his dads from india) and his mom is caucasian. and he has dark brown hair/eyes. i am 3/4 caucasian and 1/4 mexican – i have light-medium brown hair and light brown eyes. my daughter came out with blonde curly hair and big green eyes. talk about people staring at me like i slept with the milk man! lol everyone judges until they see grandma (her dads mom) who my daughter is the SPITTING IMAGE of! it’s crazy how genetics work 🙂

    ps: to anyone who wants to say it’s “impossible” for two brown eyed parents to have a green eyed baby – do your research, it’s very possible. it’s not just about the parents – it’s their parents and grandparents, etc. too. my daughter looks A LOT like her father in her features, but coloring is ALL grandma!

  11. anonymous

    I don’t see how she looks like Beyonce……she has Jay-z’s lips for sure, poor thing.

  12. SMH

    I don’t think she looks like them either but kind of has Jay Z’s nose . She looks more of a Mexican Latino decent then african american. She’s very cute!

  13. Anonymous

    I would give my opinion, but im pregnant & I don’t need any bad karma coming my way 🙂

  14. Anonymous

    Love that they didn’t sell the photos.

  15. nicoleC

    she has Jay-Z ‘s nose……but after all,a pretty

  16. Anonymous

    well its not just the fact that she does not look like her “parents” but there is no way this baby was born to two african american parents come on people she looks latino to me and that hair…… i get that babies hair change after a while but i been around african americans all my life no way an african american baby is going to be born with that hair no way!!!!!!

    • Ashley

      You must be the same idiot who spams the Jackson kids threads with “there’s no way they come from two black people.” Grow up.

      Ivy’s a beautiful baby girl.

      • Anonymous

        Not the same thing. Blue Ivy IS Beyonce and Jay Z’s biological daughter, and Prince and Paris are NOT Michael Jackson’s biological children! However, Blanket (barf) may possibly be his bio son. And this is the opinion of a black person….. me.

        • Ashley

          How do you know? Where you there for the conception of either children? I fully believe Beyonce and Jay Z are the bio parents of Blue Ivy, just as I believe Blanket, Prince and Paris are the bio children of Michael Jackson. It’s possible. If a black child can come out that light with straight hair, and if Monroe and Moroccan can STILL be that light, then yes, Prince, Paris and Blanket can ALL be Michael Jackson’s children. That’s all I’m saying. For some reason people think in absolutes when speaking of certain people. Just because you believe all of what the tabloids tell you about Michael Jackson doesn’t mean it’s true.

          Won’t waste anymore time arguing with ignorant people in this happy thread. Anyway, Blue is a gorgeous baby, and I wish the family the best of luck in health and happiness.

          • Anonymous

            This baby is a *designer baby* they handpicked the traits with their money. It was created in a lab then the egg was inserted in her. Shes not fooling me that baby looks very little like them.

    • Ashley

      Correction. “one black parent, one white.” Blue Ivy Carter is the perfect example of how a child with biracial parents, one white, one black, or two black parents, can come out in any shade. She’s a gorgeous little girl. She looks a lot like her daddy, but I bet she grows up to look like her mama.

      • CookiesMilk&Makeup

        Beyonce is not white so her daughter is not BiRacial. Her dad is African American and her mom is Creole (African american, native American and French). Baby Blue is more black than anything else, at least 75%. Most importantly she is beautiful and that shouldn’t be based on her race. Isn’t it African American month in the US? Remember black people are beautiful too my best friend is African American.

        • Ashley

          You’re right…I should have rephrased my statement better. I was just pretty much saying that Blue Ivy is proof that a child can come out looking any sort of way. She has two black parents, Bey and Jay, yet she comes out lighter skinned with straight hair. And people usually say that a child with any kind of “blackness” in them has to come out with curly curly hair and darker skin. This is the logic people use when referring to Michael Jackson’s kids. If Blue Ivy can come out that light with straight hair from Bey and Jay, and if Monroe and Moroccan can be that light with a biracial mother and a black father, then Prince and Paris can come out olive skinned (Prince has vitiligo, too) with dark hair with a black father with Caucasian and Native ancestry and a white mother (Rowe).

    • LaKesha

      How do you figure that? You’re seeing it now!

    • Ashley

      There’s NO set way how any child is supposed to look. Fully black children CAN come out with blue eyes. Fully black children CAN come out with straigh thair. Biracial children can come out in any shade, hair texture, etc. As long as someone in the ancestry carries a trait that they possess, it’s really not all that shocking!

      A child’s genetics are not made up of just two people. They are made up of the hundreds of ancestors. The parents have parents who have parents who have parents who have parents, etc. It goes on and on and on. That’s why sometimes a child looks nothing like their parents, but they look back through old family photos and find out they look just like Great Great Great Grandma.

    • I was

      I was born with the same kind of hair and I am all African-American. And it still hasn’t changed.

    • AnonymousNamesR4Punks

      Wow you come across as very ignorant and racist. You appear uneducated in biology, genetics and manners. As an Black American I will tale this as an opportunity to share some knowledge with you about my blacks of all nationalities. We come in all shades from very dark to very pale in complextions. A Hightower majority of us have other races running through or blood, so it could come from a parent or grand parent etc. Therefore we can give birth to babies our complexion or lighter or darker. This is why we are more accepting and know two dark skin people can have a light fair skin child or two light skin parents can have a dark skin child.
      I challenge you to educate yourself because you think just because you know of african Americans you know our genetic capabilities. You would be surprised to know that there have been white parents who birthed biological black children because both parents carried a genetic gene for it that was inherited from ancestors. Google it or watch the movie. Two white people living in South Africa aka Afrikaners.
      Yes our babies sones change in complextions and hair but so do Caucasian babies. I have seen many Caucasian babies born with blonde hair and around 6 become brunettes without disbelief because I accept genetics/biology. I have seen babies born with straight hair and grow up to have curly hair.
      So you may have “been around” us but you clearly know NOTHING about us. We are all different individuals with our own DNA and it will benefit you to realize that.

  17. anonymous

    Lots of hair on that little one! It almost looks like she’s sporting a piece :^)

  18. Anonymous

    You know, I don’t think the baby looks like them at all. I was starting to agree with all these numerous comments but then a comment above brought me to realization. I look NOTHING like my mother, I grew up without my father around, but I look very much like my HALF brother and sister on my father’s side. I think we all should wait until she’s older to make assumptions on looks. She’s only a baby.

  19. Cass

    She looks so cute for a newborn, they usually look ugly.

    I’m appaled by people who can’t accept Beyonce and Jay-Z are the parents of this child. Seriously? The reasons why people do not know about child’s development and physical appearance is at the awful education schools are giving. The girl is just a newborn, it takes time for physical features to settle. You can’t go around claiming the little girl does not belong genetically to her parents.

    Since when an African-American newborn baby have to look BLACK to prove they’re African-American? Her skin can go dark or go clearer, her hair can stay black or get a lighter tone…There is time for so many changes. But obviously she will have features from her mother and father.

    I so agree with the people who say a child can inherit physical features of very close family members. Gradmothers and Gradfathers are usually the most common.

    • Anonymous

      I agree with you there are just a couple of important points to make here. WHen African AMerican babies are born it can take weeks, months, sometimes up to a year before our true skin color really comes in. Same with features. Most and I say most African American babies that are born with hair are born with very straight hair and very pale skin. OK, we might tend to have that water log look) Can I also add. It seems like the only way some whites can accept Beyonce is to paint her as biracial, She is NOT biracial. Biracial means: one parent of one race and one parent of another race. Most African Americans in this country have a drop of this and a drop of that. I guarantee it reads black on Beyonce’s Mama’s and father’s birth certificates. Also, as a true product of a biracial couple (mother is Scotish and father is African american) I grew up mostly around my father’s family and they have a saying in my father’s African American family, They say: Afican American’s can be from the darkest of darks to the lightest of lights in fact light bright and damn near white. But we’re still all African AMERICAN. Thank you

  20. jj200

    what a lovely picture – some stupid posts on here, babies do not necessarily have to look like either parent…sheesh

  21. Shumpy

    Did someone really say the baby doesn’t look AA? And where is the book that dictates how a people who’ve been raped for generations is to look? Precisely what does a latino baby look like? Do they have corner on the market of slick black hair? All this time I thought I was black I was actually Mexican lation. Wish my Jamaican family wouldve let me in on that!

    That baby is adorable and I am happy for them.

  22. Anonymous

    This is a lifelike doll as my friend has one just like it. Look at its eyes they are not real. I think they are just playing a joke on us all.

    • romina


      I think this is a cute baby, she looks a lot like Solange!

    • Anonymous 2

      I hope the people that perpetuate this silly mess don’t actually believe it. I hope you’re all saying it just to get a rise out of folks and be in the mix. Not that that is a laudable pursuit. But I don’t want to believe anyone is dumb enough to actually think they faked Beyonce’s pregnancy, hired an army of nannies for one child and posted pictures of a doll instead of an actual baby. That would seriously make me sad for humanity.

      And I’m not even a fan of neither of them!

  23. Anonymous

    She sure does have the eyes of her mother! cute little baby

  24. Anonymous

    This is wierd, she have straight hair 0.o

  25. Anonymous

    The baby looks like Jay-Z with a hint of her mother there too. There are some rather…….dumb/ignorant…..comments about the baby on here.

  26. Anonymous

    she’s an infant for goodness sake!! they change DAILY – none of my kids look like me, i have a set of twins and one is dark skinned (olive) w/ dark hair and brown eyes, the other is blonde w/ super blue eyes, one favors my father in law the other my husbands sister, you just never know. and this young??? c’mon people – you have NO idea what this child will eventually look like.

  27. Marilyn

    She looks like Beyonce’s monther.

  28. Anonymous

    cute baby looks like her dad

  29. anonymous

    Beyonce’s mother is a Louisiana Creole. She has African, French, Native American, and Irish ancestry. Blue has quite the heritage; she is also a GORGEOUS baby! Best wishes to their whole family!

  30. Anonymous

    Jay z – you are NOT the father!

  31. Anabelle

    She’s beautiful but she’s kind of creepy, she looks like a 22-year-old head on a baby’s body! x

  32. Francesca

    She’s such a beautiful little girl! I wish nothing but the best for this family.

  33. Sujinah

    She is beautiful. Really beautiful.

  34. Anonymous

    Sorry to say this but she looks like…….a baby! An average newborn baby. Nothing spectacularly stunning about her but also nothing wrong with her! She looks like a newborn baby and will probably look completely different in a months time. Don’t know what the fuss is about.

  35. Anonymous

    She looks like Jon Stewart.

  36. Anonymous

    I thought the comments on here would be alot different! The baby is beautiful! with features from both parents! The child is a mini-Beyonce and grandma Tina, check out Beyonce’s videos when she was a child, she could have been considered bi-racial, but we know she is the child of an AA couple! Clearly its in the genes!

    Didn’t a celebrity latino couple just have a baby with reddish brown hair and blue eyes?

    Get real and study some biology!

  37. JLM

    wow i dont understand these posts! she looks just like B & Jay-Z to me!!! she’s beautiful!

  38. G

    She doesn’t look like Beyonce at all. God hopes she does not end up looking like Jay Z, the ugliest black man I have ever seen. She looks Indian or Hispanic, not black. I have friends who have had black babies, and yes the skin pigment does take a while to come in, so we’ll have to see. I still think that there was no pregnancy. We never saw her blow up like other celebrity and normal pregnancies. How big did Selma Blair and Kate Hudson get before birth. There is a conspiracy theory here…

  39. Anonymous

    I think she looks just like Beyonce’s cousin Kelly Rowland!!

  40. Anonymous

    beautiful baby looks like her mum n dad

  41. Anonymous

    Are you blind ? She doesn’t look like her mom !

  42. Olivia

    Blue is beautiful, I see both parents in her features.

    Regarding Michael Jackson,I know that strange things can happen with genetics but since he was on camera stating “I never had any plastic surgery”, I think he was delusional combined with the fact that neither of his three children look like him, – in their features, not coloring- (things happen but all three times?) makes me strongly disbelieve he is their biological father.

  43. Anonymous

    Beutiful baby, quite unusual for Blue to have that beautiful lock. It could happen. Mariah Carey’s twins both have straight hair.

  44. Anonymous

    She looks like her daddy and to all y’all who have never seen black babies. We are not born with color or kinky hair. And my daughter looked the same way and her father’s is a dark brown and I’m from a Creole descent. She has gotten her color. Fyi these aren’t pictures of her straight out the womb.

  45. Anonymous

    That a beautiful baby …..l had to get my eyes check cause people say that the baby looks like beyonce but she dont look like her or jay~z or her sis or mom or dad her skin complexion is what get me and that not her baby period l dnt kiss ass for anyone or suck up l am not a idolizer people wake up stop being fool by these demons period.

  46. Anonymous

    That baby looks hispanic!!! Black people don’t have hair like that. Beyonce wears weaves lol

  47. Anonymous

    Beyonce wears a weave!!!! Why does she look hispanic??????? Black parents wtf :O

  48. Anonymous

    A lot of you people are making some of the most ridiculous statements,about the couple beautiful baby,many african american’s babies are born with straight hair and near white complexion at birth.Some African American’s have large concentration of mixed blood lines,due to rape through slavery, and many African joining Indian tribes fleeing from slavery. Sometimes the babies get little darker ,or a lot darker,and the hair ets a lot curlier or kinky as the child gets older. All Hispanics in North America have varying degrees of the same mixtures of African American’s ,due to the fact slavery was in all of the countries islands, the Spanish took over,including Mexico. Over four hundred thousand African’s were sent against there will into slavery to Mexico four three hundred years.

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