Jennifer Garner & Violet Head To Karate Class

This family is always on the go!

Expectant mama Jennifer Garner picked up her 6-year-old daughter Violet from school on Friday and, after a quick change of clothes, headed straight to karate in Los Angeles, California (February 10). The happy pair held hands and chatted as they made their way to the martial arts class.

We saw Violet spending some one-on-one time with her dad Ben Affleck over the weekend. The sweet daddy-daughter duo were without Jen and little sister Seraphina, 3, as they did a bit of shopping at the Brentwood Country Mart.

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Photo credit: Bauer Griffin

  • Molly Corinthos

    Yes busy family ! Thank you very much seeing how happy Vi is…Birthday parties
    And spending time with her parents, she is one lucky girl

  • Anonymous

    How many babies are in there?? Good lord.

    • Anonymous

      Insulting a pregnant woman, and taking the lord’s name in vain. You sound like a charmer!

      • Anonymous

        Oh my god. Good lord. Jesus H. Christ, you are a sanctimonious twat. Is that enough for you?

      • Anonymous9

        Lighten up, she is big as a house, and that is perfectly fine. Lots of us were huge when pregnant. From the other comments, it looks like the fact that she could be having more than one occurred to many of us.

        • Anonymous

          how rude is that? do you tell your friend’s that they’re “as big as a house”. get some manners!

      • Sujinah

        I swear to Jesus Christ, God, Virgin Mary and all the other holy spirits, I’ve never met someone so stupid.

        • Anonymous

          And I’ve never seen a ruder group of women. It is amazing how insulting you people are willing to be. Are you people friendless or what?

  • Laura Q

    Wow, she has gotten really big in this last month!! I wonder if it is the shirt or what! She has to be delivering soon. I will be curious how quickly she gets back into shape at this age.

  • Emme

    Ben and Jennifer have the most beautiful kids in Hollywood I hope she is having twin boys.

  • Anonymous

    She looks like me right before I had twins! And, she has been pregnant for forever…. Hmmmm, I wouldn’t be surprised if there were TWO in there.

  • Anonymous

    Twins? Where did that come from? Maybe it’s just a big 10 pound boy.

  • Anonymous

    They are NOT the most beautiful kids. Violet is not beautiful at all. In fact, she’s very awkward looking.

    • Anonymous

      As opposed to you, who has perhaps the ugliest inside I’ve ever encountered. You are really a horrible person. You contribute nothing of value to this site or to society in general. You must live a very lonely existence.

    • Eva

      Ah, one of those who think beauty is only on the surface… sad for you. Maybe it’s the only kind you have or admire, but it’s NOT the only kind.

    • gini

      Well aren’t you rude. Just shows that I can tell you are a very ugly person without even seeing you.

      • Anonymous

        This person is either a) a bored, bitter teenager or b) an emotionally and intellectually stunted adult with “issues”. In any case, they are not worth acknowledging.

        • Sujinah

          I hope he or she is not a teenager … I would be ashamed (since I am one myself). I hope other teens stop openly judge people by their appearance. I know we all have opinions, but some should never come out of our mouth. Like speaking about some people’s appearance.

    • Anonymous

      The only way to forbid hateful comments like those posted by Anonymous at 12:12 pm is if the site takes the initiative to delete them before they are ever posted (unless of course they approve of them). How sad that these comments seem to be used and only apply to Violet Affleck when in fact they could apply to any number of children featured here.

      CBS, I employ you once again to PLEASE exercise the policy you claim to use when evaluating the policital correctness of such comments. I am sure by the number of articles and stories featured on this family, that you make a nice profit and would hate to believe that you allow them solely for the sake of profit, generated by the number of hits (comments).

      I beg your pardon and please forgive me if I un-justily attack you or your staff and correct me if I am mistaken and I will be the happy to apologize.

    • JLM

      some of the most “awkward looking” kids grow up to be super models! and violet is adorable with her dimples and glasses!!

  • Anonymous

    Sujinah I’m glad to hear you are a teenager, perhaps i can forgive (a LITTLE) your immature and insulting comment of 5:06.

    • Anonymous

      There was nothing wrong with her comment. People who get idiotically bent out of shape when others “take the lord’s name in vain” deserve to be put in their place .

      • Anonymous

        Never mind the religion stuff, what the poster said first was why would you insult a pregnant woman. I’d like to know, too. Who walks around telling people they look as big as a house? Who even THINKS that?

        It’s rude, immature and classless.

    • anonymous

      Teenager or adult, there is nothing wrong with the comment she made. The Lord may not have the same meaning or importance, if any to her and she has every right to say what she chooses. It may be offensive to you but it is within her rights as an American.

      • Anonymous

        Isn’t it within the other poster’s right to say whatever she wants, too?!?!?!

        (And how do you know that person is an American anyway?)

      • Anonymous

        Why assume she’s American? I’ve noticed that there are a lot of people from foreign countries posting on the site…

        • anonymous

          Oh I’m sorry, its within her right as a HUMAN.

  • Tara C

    She looks great, its nice to see a celeb that doesnt diet to remain cute and tiny in pregnancy. She looks healthy! This is how I looked with both my babies and I was down to a size 7 within a year.

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