Jessica Alba’s Safe Haven

Fantastic Four star Jessica Alba was all smiles with her adorable 6-month-old daughter Haven at Coldwater Canyon Park in Beverly Hills, Calif. on Sunday (February 12). Papa Cash Warren and big sis Honor, 3, were also seen enjoying the park playdate on a sunny California day.

The Alba-Warrens looked every bit the perfect family as they made sand castles and roamed around at the favorite playground of the stars. And how cute was baby Haven in her white winter hat?!

A few weeks ago, we saw the family-of-four at the same park.

Jessica is currently promoting her new e-commerce business, The Honest Company.

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Photo credit: Pacific Coast News/FameFlynet/GSI Media/

  • Arabella

    Haven is adorable

  • Anonymous

    Haven looks like her Danish grandmother.

    • Rosy

      LOL not you again, you’re obsessed! Stop saying the same thing on every article about Haven. We get the point already, you think she looks like her grandmother.

  • Elena

    Haven is just like Honor!
    I remember Honor with a white hat ^_^
    Haven looks a lot like her big sister

  • Anonymous

    cash and alba are such posers.

    • Anonymous

      How so?

  • Courtney R

    Odd looking family.

    • Anonymous

      Odd sounding comment.

  • Anonymous

    Oh the playground where all the attention hungry celebs go to be photographed!
    This playground is full of paps, yet celebs keep going there despite all the pap free parks in LA.
    It is the park to go to when you want to be photographed instead of protecting your kids.

    • Anonymous

      What? So they can’t take their kids out to play? What are they supposed to do, stay inside all the time?

      • DD

        Take them to a park where the pap’s don’t frequent!! There are PLENTY around where Jess and Cash live!!! This is her way of staying relevant, though, I suposse….

        • Anonymous

          The paps would probably follow them to any park they go to.

        • Anonymous

          You could just not look, you know, and let those of us who enjoy these photos just… enjoy them.

    • Anonymous

      …and look at her too, “smile for the pap’s”

      Let’s face it, it wouldn’t be Celeb Baby Scoop without daily photos of Alba or Garner teaching their children how to pose for the paparazzi.

    • Anonymous

      Unless she was complaining about the paps, I don’t see what your point is. So what if they go to the park where the paps are? You’re reading about her and commenting about her, which indicates that you care about her. So what’s the problem?

      • Sujinah

        I agree with you. Unless they complain about the paparazzis, who cares?
        Thing is, a lot of celebs complain about paparazzis, yet they still go to places where they usually are. I am not a celebrity, but seeing how some seem to never be in magazines or websites like this, it is possible to avoid paps!

  • Anonymous

    They don’t get much cuter than haven!

  • KENT

    Jess has to be THE Hottest female ever alive. This family is absolutely grossly perfect… much perfect can you get?? 2 beautiful babies and a hot husband….and her? Perfect home. Perfect family. Perfect clothes. Perfect hair. Perfect skin. Perfect body….I mean this family should be in the dictionary under the word PERFECT!

  • Francesca

    Haven is super adorable! 🙂

  • Nina D.

    Jessica is so beautiful. I love when there’s pics of her smiling. She’s just even more gorgeous when she smiles.

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