Mira Sorvino & Mattea: Bike Riding Beauties

Perfect Sisters actress Mira Sorvino was spotted enjoying a leisurely bike ride around Malibu, Calif. with her darling daughter Mattea, 7, on Sunday (February 12).

The Academy Award-winning star – who is also mother to sons Johnny, 5, and Holden, 2, with her actor hubby Christopher Backus – donned a black hat, sunglasses, scarf, tan jacket and a pair of running shoes as she cruised on her pink bike next to her daughter. Loving Mira’s handle bar tassels, white basket and sweet little baby seat riding empty on the back of the bike. Of course, darling Mattea was properly equipped with a helmet, elbow and knee pads in case of a fall.

The gorgeous actress has talked about the difficulties she has faced being a working mom and how important it is do what feels right for one’s individual family, not what others tell you is right.

“There’s no such thing as the supermom who does it all and it’s all perfect,” she says. “You only have 100% to give, and you can’t give 100% to both your work and your children. So you have to make choices that feel right for you and your family, and no one can tell you that but yourself.”

As far as motherhood goes, Mira is loving life.

“I’ve experienced moments of joy with my kids I didn’t know were possible before,” the star admits. “Sometimes when we’re hugging and laughing together, I think to myself, This is truly heaven!

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So nice to see Mira and Mattea, hardly ever see pictures of her children.


Nice that she is wearing a helmet – too bad it is not on correctly and would not be any help if she fell! The most important part of the brain is the front, so the helmet should come down over the wearer’s forehead to provide any real protection. PS, Mira, who will bring up your child if YOU crash, since you aren’t wearing a helmet at all?!


So true, wearing a helmet that way makes it more of a fashion statement than a safety device.


Mattea is such a pretty name