Rebecca Romijn: Losing The Baby Weight Was “The Hardest Thing I’ve Ever Done”

Hot mama Rebecca Romijn sizzles on the March cover of Fitness magazine, showing off her svelte post-twins body. The 39-year-old model-turned-actress opens up about struggling to drop the more than 60 pounds she gained while carrying daughters Dolly and Charlie, now 3.

On losing the weight after the twins: “Losing that weight was probably the hardest thing I’ve ever done in my life. I had to change the way I worked out, the way I ate — everything. Everything I did before I got pregnant — like Pilates, which I had done for about 14 years — didn’t work anymore. I had to find a completely different way to challenge my body. A friend suggested I try Bikram yoga. At first the idea of doing a 90-minute workout in a 105-degree room sounded like torture. But the sweating is exactly what I became addicted to. My body changed dramatically almost immediately. Within three classes I noticed less belly fat. My knees and legs are stronger than ever now; my arms have definition for the first time in my life; and my posture is much, much better. I also feel completely energized from all of the deep breathing. I leave class relieved of any anxiety I went in with, and the sweating and detoxifying make my skin feel great. I can’t recommend it enough.”

On a typical workout week: “I do Bikram three days a week, and I run after my twins every day — a workout in itself! I was doing yoga five days a week, but then I started to realize that my body was fatigued and my back was hurting. I think it’s important to listen to your body and know when you’re overdoing it.”

On mommy guilt: “That’s been a huge challenge since I became a mom. Mother’s guilt is no joke! I feel it every time I leave them to go exercise. Now that the girls are in preschool, it’s easier. I go as soon as I drop them off at school. As a mom it’s very important to take care of yourself physically and mentally. You’re no good to anyone unless you do. There are days when I rush out to a yoga class just as I’m starting to feel like I might be losing my mind.”

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  1. Anonymous

    Come on!! It is obvious that the cover photo has been airbrushed. I am so sick of this false image of what people look like. I want to see a normal, close to 40 year old body looking that good after twins, no stretch marks, no extra skin, 0 fat…….
    Kudos for admitting you had to work hard to lose the weight, but I find it hard to believe that she looks this good by just losing the weight.

  2. Anabelle

    Oh come on. I’m a working mother of twin girls and I certainly can’t find time to do a 90 minute workout three times a week! Us mere mortals don’t have the luxury of a nanny, and, to be honest, even if I could afford one, I wouldn’t want one.

  3. Anonymous

    I like her but I bet even she is embarrassed by this picture! The photoshopping is so ridiculous. She probably didn’t look like that when she was 20. I am soooo sick of ‘real’ women having to live up to this false image of what an almost 40 year old mother is supposed to look like.

  4. Anonymous

    Basically i agree with the previous comments. That cover is a joke. They really think we’re all stupid.

  5. Anonymous

    I think that Rebecca looks great when we see her out and about with the kids, but like other posters have said, the cover is totally photoshopped, which in turn makes the whole article void to me.

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