Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes’ Bouchon Bakery Bunch

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes were spotted out with kids Suri and Connor last night, stopping off for a bite to eat at Beverly Hills’ posh Bouchon Bakery (February 12). The Mission Impossible star had his hands full afterwards as he toted his 5-year-old daughter, wrapped in her favorite blanket, back to the car.

Connor, whose mom is Tom’s ex-wife Nicole Kidman, recently landed himself in hot water thanks to a post-Superbowl Tweet:

“That was a gay *ss f***ing tweet: U don’t say sh*t like that about my team the second they lose. Low,” the aspiring DJ wrote after his agent jokingly Tweeted about the New England Patriots’ loss.

The 17-year-old later issued an apology after his agent, citing the “highly offensive” and “homophobic” Tweet, up and quit.

“What I texted was unacceptable,” Connor said in a statement. “It is not a reflection of who I am and what I feel, and it certainly won’t happen again.”

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  1. Anonymous

    So he tweeted that to his agent then the agent quit? Lol, wow

  2. Anonymous

    Uh, yes it IS a reflection of who you are and what you feel.

  3. Anonymous

    That’s some touchy agent! Kids us the G-word all of the time nowadays. I’m assuming the agent is over 21, and should know that that’s the way teens are, and should not have been so offended, annoyed….. yes, but he definately shouldn’t have leaked it to the press! I’ll bet he won’t be getting many agent gigs in the near future. He needs a thicker skin. And if Connor was so “homophobic” he wouldn’t have him as his agent. Sheeesh.

    And as much as I’m NOT homophobic, they really need to cool it with the labeling every one as homophobic. times have changed and are a- changing, so be more patient. African Americans went through soooo much worse, and have come through mostly unscathed.

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