Hilary Duff Grabs A Bite At Cabbage Patch

Hilary Duff was seen walking to the Cabbage Patch restaurant in Beverly Hills, Calif. on Tuesday (February 14). The mom-to-be wore a short denim skirt and brown top under a short-sleeve sweater.

Her husband Mike Comrie – who recently announced his retirement from professional hockey – wasn’t with her. However Duff did get a special meal at home earlier in the day.

She Tweeted: “This girl got breakie in bed this morning! Such a sweet surprise! Happy love day tweet hearts! Hope your day started out as good as mine!”

The 24-year-old singer and actress just had her baby shower two weeks ago. Held at her house with around 40-50 guests – the party was thrown by her sister Haylie and their mother Susan.

She wrote: “This baby is spoiled already! And this mama is wiped out!”

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  1. Anonymous

    she seriously needs to burn that blue jean mini….ugh. def does not have the body for that right now. eeks.

  2. Anonymous

    I get that she’s young and all, but a short mini skirt while pregnant? Yikes!

  3. Anonymous

    damn shes short and fat BAD mix for wearing a mini skirt, i dont care how old she is, that is a bad look for her, minis look better on tall slim women. PERIOD.

  4. Anonymous

    Oh yikes. I love Hilary and think she’s beautiful, but she is one of the few celebrities that I have seen gain weight like a normal person while pregnant (aka, gain it everywhere), which is totally ok, but it definitely means that that outfit should be burned. :/

  5. Anonymous

    She’s got the look on her face of a woman who’s concerned about the whereabouts of her hockey hubby. This picture just killed many of my fantasies.

  6. Anonymous29

    y is it that people are always concerned with weight? if they made one in her size let her wear who r u to judge your probably just a jealous fat ass

  7. Anonymous

    SHE’S PREGNANT!!!!! NOT FAT YOU IDIOTS… Just because she has celebrity status doesn’t mean she can’t be down to earth and wear a mini skirt while PREGNANT… Get a life. I’m sure YOU (the one’s who see it as a horror that she’s wearing the skirt at all) pick out and wear whatever you want to wear on a daily so leave the girl alone. We all know that she had the body pre-pregnancy and I’m sure she will have it again. OMG, people grow up and realize that you probably have more important things to worry about than what Hilary is wearing while pregnant…. REALLY?????

    • A Real Woman

      I agree with you 100%….. all of the haters need to grow up…besides, when any woman (and not girls) are expecting, they will put on almost anything just to find comfront and peace of mind from being heavier… she looks great and I wish her and her hubby only the best…

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