Kate Winslet Talks Titanic

The stunning Kate Winslet, 36, first caught the attention of movie goers back in 1997 playing the role of ‘Rose’ in the blockbuster hit Titanic. Only 21-years old at the time, the Academy Award-winner lured her way into the hearts of millions.

Now 15 years later, the mother of two chatted with USA Today about the upcoming 3-D release of the James Cameron flick. “I do feel very excited about it, because I can tell that a whole new generation is going to get to experience the film.”

Her children, Mia, 11, and Joe, 8, have yet to see the top grossing film of its time. The proud mama shares, “It is very exciting that I can actually sit with them — together — and we can all watch it together in a movie theatre, and that is going to be quite amazing, actually.”

The Reader actress has only viewed 17 minutes of the 3-D version to date and found it to be extraordinary. But reliving a hit role from years ago can bring up mixed feelings. “I was literally like, ‘Oh my God, make it stop! Is that me? Oh my God, that’s me. Block my ears, somebody! Somebody club out my senses. Make it (expletive) stop!'”

“And Leo looks so young and so skinny!” she giggled.

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  • Anonymous

    So she is going to sit in the theatre with her 11 yr old daughter and 8 yr old son while they watch their mom on screen completely naked? And she’s letting them watch her in a sex scene? I think that’s disgusting.

    • Iris

      I think that a child who sees their parent naked is not a big deal. You can’t hide being naked when you are in you own home. And the naked scene in Titanic is not that revealing. They won’t be seeing everything!
      About the sex scene, the only thing you actually see is Kate & Leo kissing, you can guess what they are doing, but again you don’t see everything.
      I think when Kate explains before going to the theatre it’s fine. Better that they see it when she is with them.

    • lola

      Uhmmm, i bet her kids have seen their mom naked before. And there isn’t really a big sex scene in Titanic.

    • ChiTownEggHead

      I can’t believe its been 15 years since that movie came out! I remember going for my 15th birthday.
      That said, Kate’s character being naked in this film is done in a beautiful, tastefully done way. I can see feeling differently if it was something trashy. I think that its actually a good idea to teach children when they’re young that the human body is a beautiful thing and nothing to be ashamed of.
      As far as the sex scene, there is absolutely nothing revealing about it. The only things that even occur are the steamed car with the sweaty palm and Jack and Rose from like the collarbone up kinda sweaty. Again, I would feel differently if there was some hot animal sex going on but there isn’t.

      BTW- Mia is 11. This movie is rated PG-13. She is pretty darn close to the intended viewing age anyway.

    • Anonymous

      they barely even show anything. and it’s not like they haven’t seen her naked before…there is no sex scene in titanic anyway hahaha it’s her and leo laying there in the car talking.

  • Solene

    It’s only a movie, I see no harm here, she’s an actress, that’s what she does and her kids know it. I was 10 when I first saw the movie, and I wasn’t scarred. What difference does it make that she’s their mom?

  • Anonymous

    I can’t wait to see this movie in theaters!! I never had the chance, I was only a preschooler!! Titanic is my favorite movie of all time! 🙂

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