Kendra Wilkinson & Family: Baseball Beauties

Hank Jr. sure is growing up into a gorgeous little man.

Reality TV star Kendra Wilkinson, 26, traded in her sexy skirts and heels for some athletic attire on Saturday (February 11). The former Girls Next Door actress covered up her curves in some loose fitting black shorts and a blue tee shirt for a wholesome family day of softball in Westlake, Calif. with her hubby Hank Baskett and her adorable 2-year-old son Hank Jr.

The trio were joined by Hank’s parents Henry and Judy who watched their darling grandson while his parents played. Daddy even took a time out to toss the ball around with his sweet son.

It seems Kendra is going nuts over her new diet. She recently shared that she’s put herself and her entire family on a new and “natural diet.”

“I’ve been eating almonds, pistachios, nuts with no sodium and some dried fruit all day long,” she reveals. “We blend them in our smoothies and we have them in our yogurt. We’re a healthy family.”

She also dished about her two main men.

I think [little Hank] takes after Hank. He’s a gentleman already [and] an old soul. He knows how to treat his mom, he knows how to help someone up when they fall down. He is the most thoughtful, most kind little boy we could’ve ever imagined.”

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  • F.A.J

    He’s so cute, probably the most adorable celebrity kids I’ve ever seen, but he needs a haircut.

    • Anonymous

      Why does he “need” a haircut? Because you say so? Are you his mother?

      • F.A.J

        Wow Chill. It just a comment. Why are people like you always searching for a discussion? It’s just my opinion. I think he needs a haircut and you don’t, so what? If you don’t think he needs haircut, then I respect that, but not everybody has the same opinion. Ooh and I don’t actually really mean a big haircut like to make it really, just a little and I mean LITTLE trim. What the funny thing is that, when it is Bronx than people can say he needs a haircut but when it comes to Hank then you can’t give your own opinion. And yeah I agree with you on one thing I’m not his mom and not related to him but seriously it’s just an opinion. CHILLAX

        • Anonymous

          I didn’t offer any opinion, I asked a question. Why so defensive?

          • F.A.J

            EH no that wasn’t a question, you were looking for a discussion. Oh and your question is answered if you’re reading at the other comments. You should stop asking things that aren’t necessary.

        • Anonymous

          Damnnn! Breathe! This is what the comment section is for. To voice your opinion. So what if people think he needs a haircut. Get over it. You know there is a way to view the pictures without viewing the comments, right?!

          • April

            Haha RLMFAO You just crack me up! I think you’re the one that should take a breath. Most of the people including me agree with him/her for like 100%. Seriously this kid is cute but just like anonymous and not Anonymous said They should CUT or TRIM his hair when it begins to look like a bird nest or at least put some conditioner in his hair! You know there is a way to not having conversation: Don’t press the reply button.

      • ayla

        Why do you “need” to jump all over someone for stating their opinion, which I might add, I 100% agree with. The kid is cute, but the hair is awful and I really don’t give a darn what anyone thinks of me for saying it :o)

    • Felicity


    • Anonymous

      Agreed. He’s a beautiful little boy and definitely one of the cutest in Hollywood!

  • Anabelle

    As much as I hate Kendra Wilkinson, there’s no denying that that is one gorgeous little boy.

    • NYC Mommy

      Anabelle, try not to hate people you dont know…. it causes unneccessary wrinkles… 🙂

    • Anonymous

      How can you *hate* someone you’ve never met??

  • Anonymous

    He is gorgeous but he DOES need a haircut and not because we said it but because his hair is all over the place. It’s not neat looking. She could at least trim it a bit.

    • Anonymous

      I will never understand these haircut comments. I’m just curious why you think it matters that it doesn’t look “neat” (to you)? What does it prove if she cuts it or doesn’t? How do you look at a photo of that sweet child and even care that his hair is wild?

      • anonymous

        would you let your hair look like that? children need us to make sure they’re taken care of, this means helping them brush their teeth, wipe their butt, and CUT THEIR HAIR when it begins to look like a birds nest.
        she could at the very least put some conditioner and brush it.

        • Anonymous

          Actually, you self-righteous fool, my hair DOES look like that. It’s fine, and thin, and super curly. It frizzes super-easily. According to you, I should cut it until it’s at a point where it doesn’t do that. In my case, I’d be bald. Not all of us were born with thick, straight hair. And not all of us think curly wild hair is a bad thing, like you seem to.

          Now I’m curious as to how you know that she doesn’t condition it or brush it. Have you never seen a curly haired child before in your life? Do you think conditioner and a hairbrush will change the structure of his hair?

          Maybe the woman doesn’t want to put chemicals that would tame it onto her tiny child’s head. Maybe two seconds after she brushes it, it gets messy (and brushing curly hair just makes it frizzier, you know). Maybe she doesn’t chase around after him with a brush because she’s not an idiot.

          The point is: So what? Why does this bother you?

          • anonymous

            Aww, dont get so offended. Did you get made fun of a lot when you were in school? Is that why you’re getting so worked up?
            My daughters hair is very curly, but it looks nothing like his, because I brush it (yes you can brush it while it’s damp and it will not get frizzy, try it!) and I put leave-in conditioner in it. So it’s soft and silky and looks like a give a damn about it.
            You should try going to a salon, maybe they can give you some tips on how to groom yourself, since your mama never taught you. I’m so sorry your hair looks like his. You could shave it off and get a wig….something to consider.

          • CircleK

            You insulted someone, and when they reacted because you insulted them, you insulted them again? I think the real shame here is that YOUR mama never taught you that all people are different and while your daughter’s hair may NOT be like this, other people’s are. But no, you don’t have to accept that, just insult that woman more. Crazy. It’s too bad your mama didn’t teach you some manners.

  • Anonymous

    I love Kendra, Hank, and Baby Hank….I think with all she has been through she has turned into the best mother and wife anyone could ask for. Baby Hank is soooo cute and so lucky to have a big family that all love him and will be there for him!

  • Anonymous

    On her reality show, she said that she didn’t want to cut his hair because she wanted him to look “mixed” and I guess the way to make him look mixed if for him to have an afro. Truth is, he’s only 1/4 black. At some point, she will have to cut it. I mean you can’t let it grow a foot high.

    • Garcia

      I watched her show all the time she never said she didn’t cut his hair because she wanted him to look “Mixed”. She said that she loves his curls because they are pretty. Ashley never cuts Bronx’s hair for the same’s cute.

      • Anonymous

        Yeah and she also said something stupid in that episode. She said that because she gave birth to Hank Jr, she could still said that that hair is hers, well that isn’t. Ooh and also that she dreamed of having a child with a blonde afro. But his hair isn’t afro at all. His hair is curly and like anonymous said, it looks like a bird nest.

  • Danielle

    He’s beautiful.

  • Anonymous9

    I’ve got the same hair as little Hank Jr, and with the amount of fighting you have to do with tangles after washing, she’ll get around to trimming it soon enough and then wonder why she didn’t do it earlier.

    He is a little cutie, and I have to say, I’m pretty surprised at what a devoted family they seem to be. I didn’t think these two had a very good chance, but they always look very sweet together.

    • Rose80

      Try combing your hair with a shower comb while it still has the conditioner in it, then rinse as usual, lightly combing the conditioner out under the running water. It helps me detangle with ease.

  • Anonymousse

    omg, I love his hair! He’s a cutie fo sure!

  • Wednesday sigh…

    He looks angelic like a little cupid.

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