Molly Sims Dishes About Her “Crazy Cravings”

Jessica Simpson craves Captain Crunch cereal and Pop Tarts, Elsa Pataky wants popcorn and sweets but expectant actress Molly Sims is nuts over pancakes and frozen yogurt. The 38-year-old Project Accessory host- who is expecting her first child this summer with hubby Scott Stuber – recently dished about some of her pregnancy cravings on

“As all of you mamas out there probably already know, the cravings have got to be one of the craziest parts of a pregnancy!” she writes. “You think you know your body and your palate—and maybe you’re even really good at eating healthy or sticking to a regimented diet—and then it all goes haywire!”

“I’ve had some pretty crazy cravings so far,” she admits, claiming that she “just can’t get enough of those pancakes at Axe on Abbot Kinney”.

Not only has she “pulled over” to give into the urge to eat a steak, the former Las Vegas star has also developed a hankering for mac n’ cheese and frozen yogurt.

“I’ve been consuming more Kraft Easy Mac than I had previously eaten in my entire lifetime,” she reveals. “Frozen yogurt is another big one. I thought I loved it before, but now I’d swear I’ve died and gone to heaven whenever I taste that brownie batter flavor from Yogurt Land.”

Although it may be tempting to give into all the cravings, Molly is trying to keep things in check.

“I’ve been trying to keep in mind that doctors recommend you up your calorie count by 300 a day during a single baby pregnancy—which really isn’t that much,” the star dishes. “But now it’s Girl Scout cookie season, so you know how dangerous that is. Tagalongs are my absolute favorite!”

Did you have any unique cravings during pregnancy?

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  • Anonymous

    Wow, she seems to be attention whoring this pregnancy for all its worth!

    • Anonymous

      She writes a blog. She did it before she was pregnant, too, but how is it surprising to you that her pregnancy might be a big focus on her blog now.

      Get over yourself. Being green with jealousy doesn’t look good on anyone.

    • Anonymous

      so true!!!

    • Anon.

      Fortunately, we will (hopefully) only have to put up with it for 9 months and then she will disappear back into D-list oblivion.

  • Anon

    I don’t know who this person is but each time she’s posted on this site she is a carbon copy of Robin Wright (Penn).

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