Rachel Zoe & Her Stylish Skyler

Rachel Zoe and her 11-month-old son Skyler were seen getting out of a car in New York City on Monday (February 13). Skyler was fashionably dressed in a brown wool hat, cardigan, and black boots.

Zoe is in town to present her fall/winter 2012 collection. She recently talked to the New York Times about how motherhood has changed the way she runs her businesses.

With styling, managing her web site and writing books – she says “once you add ‘mom’ to that mix, you realize how emotionally vulnerable you are.”

She takes Skyler everywhere with her.

I’m lucky enough to have my name on the door of my business, so that I can bring Skyler with me everywhere. He’s been to Paris. I can’t get through a day without him. He’s my only addiction thus far. I’m too much of a control freak to be addicted to anything else. But, yes, there is a meltdown now and then.”

Her former assistant Brad Goreski from The Rachel Zoe Project now has his own reality show. When asked how she feels about that she replied, “After all this time, I’m trying to think of myself with a business mind, not an emotional heart. Becoming a mother helped me become less reactive. But of course there is hurt. And hurt is a dangerous emotion. It turns me into the kind of person I don’t want to be.”

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Photo credit: FameFlynet/Bauer Griffin

  • Arabella

    Skyler is so adorable

  • SMH

    He’s too stinkin cute! Love his hair and eyes!

    • F.A.J

      I agree with your comment. :^)

  • Anonymous

    His eyes are gorgeous and he seems to be very content and happy.

  • Anon

    Zoe looks like a muppet in that puppet coat…

    • Kim

      You mean the blonde muppet with the lips who plays bass in the Muppet Show band??? Yes!

      • Anonymous

        That would be JANICE. The 70’s bohemian muppet.

    • anonymous2

      I know what you mean, to me it actually looks like a monkey fur bathmat! The kid looks like its holding on to a momma gorilla.

    • Anonymous

      Awww, I’m so glad that the Rachel Zoe bashers were able to get out of their cribs today and regale us with their witty, catty comments!

      • Anonymous

        Friend, I think you should be more concerned about posters like the one who posted at 5:32 a.m. — posts like that are very troubling.

    • anonymous

      Maybe she’s styling a new line of clothes inspired by the Muppets and this is a piece of that collection. It makes sense, the movie was released not too long ago so it is a perfect time to build on that popularity.

  • Anonymous

    She is so right about “hurt”. The quicker you can let go of it the better.

  • Heart

    I Love slkyler

  • Anonymous

    Does anyone else think she dresses him a little too femme? Those boots are ridiculous, in a bad way. Bootie Harley Davidsons with a wool sweater? Just because a gay designer, D&G much, probably gifted them does not mean you have to put them on your poor son. Yes, SON. Has anyone told her she had a boy? Maybe she hasn’t changed the diaper yet to see. And yes, he is adorable.

    • Anonymous

      Why is your life so wrapped up in what you perceive as gender… on a small child no less?

      You need therapy.

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