Leah Messer & Her Beauty Pageant Pretties

Teen Mom Leah Messer took her 2-year-old twin girls Aleeah and Aliannah to a kids beauty pageant competition last Saturday (February 11) in Charleston, West Virginia.

Her fiancé Jeremy Calvert wasn’t there because he had to work. However ex-husband Corey Simms did show up to support his daughters. The girls each won a trophy after their performance. Aliannah got one for the prettiest smile while Aleeah won for prettiest eyes.

The 19-year-old reality star is back on Twitter after taking a break.

She recently wrote: “Hey Ya’ll!! Im back! Needed a small break! Happy V-Day! Cant believe its the season finale, who’s ready!? How is everyone!?”

She also added, “Thanks everyone for the support during the season and before, means a lot! Break was def needed but so happy to be back!”

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  1. Anabelle

    I feel so bad for these girls. They’re given stupid sound-a-like names, are always dressed the same, now they’re in pageants. Poor things are going to grow up like superficial blow-up dolls with no sense of individuality.

  2. Anonymous

    They were in a pageant for a charity event.

  3. Anonymous

    16 and Pregnant and fits the criteria for Toddlers and Tiaras. What a mother.

  4. Arabella

    The girls are adorable.I love the name Aliannah.

  5. Anonymous

    Shocker she enters them in beauty pageants at 2yr old…. Trashy trasherson! She is ugly inside and out… Poor girls.

  6. MeganCarter

    I feel they will have a sense of individuality, one has a disability, and they look completely different. A lot of parents of twins have their kids dressed similarly. My brothers, (twins), were only dressed alike when we had family pictures, but the multiples group my family belonged to when I grew up had a TON of kids that were dressed the same. If you watch their show they are typically not dressed the same. Where they are from pageants are a normal thing, and their names are just spelled differently then we are used to seeing them. Another common thing you will see with teen moms, creating individuality with differently spelled names. I see Leah as being just like every other mom, doing the best for her kids as she sees it, even if it is something 20 years from now they might regret. You don’t go into a parent being perfect at everything.

  7. SMH

    What twins don’t dress alike for the first few years? I have twin nephews and they were fraternal but still dressed alike for atleast 3 yrs of their lives until they started developing their own styles and personalities!

    I think that they are very good to the girls. They’ve gotten so big! I am not for beauty pageants I think kids should be kids. Hopefully we won’t see them on a future epi of Toddler’s and Tiara’s!!

  8. Anonymous

    I never really been a big fan of Leah but in no shape or form do I think of her or Corey as bad parents! I had an abusive childhood and when I was not being abused I was being neglected. These two people, although young, are definitely not bad parents by any means. It is clear that they both want the best for their girls even though they might be a bit naive at times.

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