Camila Alves Puts Family First

Not only does Camila Alves have a busy career and two young kids to raise, but since her Christmas Day engagement to longtime love Matthew McConaughey she’s also got a wedding to plan!

The Brazilian beauty says that though her schedule can get hectic, she doesn’t hesitate to put work on the backburner if that’s what is best for her family.

“One thing I have learned in my life is to put the weight into what I need to do,” says Camila, who is mom to Levi, 3, and Vida, 2. “My main priority right now is my family and that includes when Matthew is working. We all go on the road together. We really try to keep (together) as a unit. If he’s working, the whole family goes together. That means we all move, we all get on the road.

“I know I have to go to QVC certain times during the year; I know I have development meetings; I know I have designing work. When I know that I am already getting away from my family so much, being a mother and a wife-to-be, I can’t take the modelling jobs because I will be gone for too long.”

As for that wedding, Camila insists there is no rush, saying that she’s “really enjoying being engaged right now.” The blushing bride-to-be showed off her rose-cut stunner at a recent event, gushing, “It feels so great…. It’s a beautiful ring.”

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She travels with Matthew but it doesn’t look like he travels with her … hmmm, wonder why. In order to keep his pants zipped she has to be glued to his hip…


Camila insists there is no rush, saying that she’s “really enjoying being engaged right now.”

Of course there’s no rush. Why buy the pig if the bacon is free?


Agree with both comments. She beats at his drum. He runs the show… She needs to travel with him – just look at all the photos when they are in public/parties. She looks like a b&tch – prob. worring if another beauty could slip into his pants. The minut she turns her back, he will screw someone else. True — but, just anogther day in Hollywood!