Jenelle Evans & Jace: Sunny Smiles

Teen Mom star Jenelle Evans spent Valentine’s Day with her adorable son Jace, 2, in Oak Island, North Carolina. The mother-son duo enjoyed the gorgeous weather while playing outside and posing for pics.

After their fun outing, Jenelle’s day took a turn for the worse. The reality TV star tweeted the bad news. “Back to the hospital for another kidney infection….” she wrote.

Two civil restraining orders obtained by former friends of Jenelle were dismissed last week in North Carolina when one of the ladies, Hannah Inman, dropped her charges against Evans and the other, Amber Lane, failed to show up for court and the judge dismissed the case.

The 20-year-old single mom was first arrested on January 10 and then less than one week later on January 16.

Today, Jenelle took to Twitter to inform her fans that she’s keeping up with her community service.

Community service ALL day then school 🙂 feeling a lot better then yesterday thank GOD !! #happytweet”

In the recent Teen Mom 2 season finale, Jenelle was diagnosed with bipolar disorder while she was in rehab.

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  • Jo Jo

    Oh Lord, this girl is the worst mother ever, maybe worse than Teen Mom’s Amber Portwood, please let the kid be raised by his grandmother

    • Minka

      Don’t you think about how it must be for her to read these comments? You’re using big words, and just based on something yuo saw on TV.

      Does it make you feel good to make people feel bad?

    • Anonymous

      You think the grandmother is any better? She’s a shrew, and it’s not hard to see how and why Janelle became what she did. This poor kid is screwed.

    • Anabelle

      She’s probably not the worst mother, but she’s definitely in the bracket of Bad Mother. But no, from what I’ve seen of Teen Mom, which, to be honest, isn’t a lot, the grandmother is just as bad as the mother. It’s just a horrible cycle. Jace will probably be a terrible dad too. He needs to be raised by someone outside the family, not his grandmother.

  • Anonymous

    I think these are beautiful pictures.

  • Anonymous

    You know. She may of had some issues but she has bettered herself. YOU GO GIRL!!

    • Anonymous

      How has she bettered herself? She’s been arrested twice so far within the past month. She’s going to have to stay out of trouble for a long time before I believe that she’s turned her life around. I do wish her the best, though.

  • denise

    I think with all she has been through she is coming out on top. I have dealt with a mother like hers though i am a lot older no matter what she does in life it is going to tear her up trying to just once hear from her mother that she is proud of her. I do not condone some of the stuff Jenelle did but she knows they were wrong and is trying to work through them. Sure she has a temper but wouldn’t you if every last thing you did was criticized? I can almost guarantee you would. I have been there, I have made mistakes and learned from them. Thankfully my husband was there to teach me right from wrong. I find it sad sometimes to be around his family they are semi normal they don’t fight constantly, sure they have spats but its not an everyday thing. I mean we literally had to call the police to my own fathers funeral, how sad is that and in the end it was all my fault though when the incidence happened i was outside having a cigarette. In the end, I think jenelle is going to pull her life together and do something with her life she is still young and still learning. I just wish once her mom would show just a little compassion. Sure shes made mistakes but are parents not supposed to be there for you. Maybe jenelle has done wrong things to her mom but I swear her mom acts like she hates her and cannot forgive. I know she wants what is best for her but why cant she try a little harder, you can see at times jenelle wants to makes things right but has no idea how, her mom is supposed to be the adult but looks like she never really acted like one. Love how she complains about jace being stuck with him the idiot went after custody and knew jenelle could not afford an attorney to fight it so she was stuck letting her have him she wanted him she got him so shut up and deal with what you ask for and take a step back mom and realize you are not perfect either. No one is. You also have to look at the bipolar aspect of this her moods are going to be all over until it is well controlled on meds, they do not have control of their feelings and anger is a huge issue. When a person is bipolar they can go from one mood to the next in a split second without any warning and they do not have control over this. Kind of wonder why the mom said she wondered if she had this why she did not have her tested earlier? I mean I am not totally blaming the mother but I think this is a two way street and putting jenelle down because she has made mistakes is wrong, there is not one person in this world that can say they never made a mistake.

  • Anabelle

    I’m so sick of seeing the Teen Moms on here.

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