Taylor Armstrong & Her Book Promotion Pal

With her 5-year-old daughter Kennedy by her side, The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Taylor Armstrong was seen promoting her book Hiding From Reality in Los Angeles, Calif. on Wednesday (February 15).

In her tell-all memoir, Taylor describes several shocking incidents of abuse at the hands of her estranged husband Russell Armstrong, who committed suicide last August. She says Russell punched her in the eye, smashed her head against a car window and called her abusive names in front of their young daughter.

“Russell stormed in and started screaming, ‘F*** you. Get the f*** out of my life,’ ” the 40-year-old recalls in her book. He then told their five-year-old daughter: “Your mom’s a wh*re, your mom’s a b****.”

Taylor also says Russell’s violent behavior landed her in the hospital after he suspected her of sleeping with a Chippendales dancer during RHBH costar Lisa Vanderpump’s daughter’s bachelorette party in Las Vegas.

But it seems Taylor has found some happiness these days. Radar Online reports that she’s moved on with one of her lawyers — who is said to be estranged from his wife and also has children.

John Bluher, 54, has reportedly been assisting the RHBH star with a lawsuit she’s involved in with MyMedicalRecords.com, on a voluntary basis. “John has been traveling with Taylor during her book tour and the two of them hit it off, a source says.” “She’s been seeing him for almost two months and has confided in a handful of friends about the affair.”

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  • NYC Mommy

    Wow another great role model for her kid…. Taker her in book tour and even involves her in book signings for a book that bashes her deceased father (whether true or not).. and playing house married man (whom it seems she stole from the wife) who is also her lawyer NOT VERY ETHICAL on his part either….

  • Krissy

    Are you kidding me? Why doesn’t she keep her daughter out of is and let her grieve for her father in peace. I have zero respect for her

  • Anonymous

    the kid looks just like russell, but for all you haters that comment above, walk a mile in her shoes, have orbital reconstruction from a severe punch to the face, have your husband hold you underwater in an attempt to kill you, and then talk. She suffered so much at the hand of this brutal terrible man, he deserves nothing more than what he’s getting postmortem. Until you know what it is to be abused you have no right to judge.

    • NYC Mommy

      I am so sick of anonymous posters calling people who at least own their comments with a name haters… You dont know me and you dont know if I have been abused or not and I would also like to know where you have gotten such personal details of her life are you a friend or just bought her book (the one she wrote within five minutes of his death-grab 15 minutes were you can). also seems like you are judging the heck out of him so follow your own advice unless you have walked a mile in HIS shoes dont judge.

      • Anonymous

        Uh, you know just because your name doesn’t literally say “Anonymous” doesn’t mean you aren’t also anonymous. Unless “NYC Mommy” is on your driver’s license?

        • NYC Mommy

          No it is not on my drivers license but at least you can recongize my comments from post to post and I dont hide behind ANONYMOUS.

          • Marie

            Ummm NYC Mommy is pretty much the same concept as Anonymous. Oh wait, we now know that you reside in NYC. Who cares!!

    • Anonymous

      I have lots of sympathy for abused women (and men), especially those that are trapped in situations they can’t get out of.

      The only problem is that you have no idea if any of what she’s saying is true. It’s pretty convenient to level accusatioins against a dead man who’s no longer here to defend himself. Now she writes a book about these allegations and has her daughter on her lap signing books with her?

      Ewww. Just ewww. Tasteless.

  • Krissy

    Her abuse has nothing to do with her pimping out her child and exposing her to this……..no excuse for that.

  • Anonymous

    Not a hater, but…Taylor’s stories don’t add up. I find it very hard to believe that numerous “friends” including the man Russell injured during the drowning event (bad enough to be carried off to the hospital in an ambulance) stood by and did nothing to protect Taylor and especially Kennedy from Russell. As you say, if you haven’t walked a mile in her shoes… Taylor lead Andy Cohen to believe that foul play would make her feel better…really?????? If she is getting competent therapy, shouldn’t she be thanking her lucky stars Russell is dead?

  • Anonymous

    All of that woman’s plastic surgeries have made her appear like a tranny. Her eyebrows and lips especially.

  • Anonymous

    She looks like Leona Helmsley!

  • Karen

    I think it’s pretty unhealthy for Taylor to bring her 6 year to the book signing – and Kennedy signed the books in addition to Taylor. Not a great role model for a kid, and Taylor really needs to get off TV and focus on the well-being of her child. The kid did, after all, just lose her dad to suicide.

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