Naleigh Kelley: Leisurely Day In Los Feliz

Katherine Heigl‘s daughter Naleigh gets a lift from her nanny as they spend the afternoon exploring their neighborhood of Los Feliz, Calif. on Thursday (February 16). The 3-year-old seemed perfectly happy to be carried as they went on their walk, but judging from her teeny Converse sneakers she was ready to run at any moment.

Naleigh’s dad Josh Kelley recently talked about balancing work and fatherhood, and about plans to expand his family with wife Katherine.

“I’m supposed to start making another record in March or April,” Josh said. “I’ve definitely been writing for the next album as much as I can. When that thing’s done, I’m back on the road. My whole summer’s booked. This has been a nice little break [here lately]. It has been about two and a half years, solid, on the road…my family is definitely excited that daddy’s home a lot!”

And will there be a sibling soon for Naleigh? “We want to do that and we will eventually,” he confirms. “Right now we’re just kind of actively on top of it.”

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naleigh is so cute


she is soooooo cute