Jennifer Garner: Stripes With Seraphina

Juno star Jennifer Garner took her daughters Violet, 6, and Seraphina, 3, to karate class in Santa Monica, Calif. on Friday (February 17). Sporting a striped top and jeans, the expectant mama carried her youngest, sippy cups and an iPad.

The following day, the trio were seen heading into dance class in Los Angeles. Violet looked so sweet in her ballet outfit, while Jen opted for the casual look in jeans and a scarf.

Any day now for the Alias alum? In recent interviews, Jen says she’s due this spring, but we can’t help wonder if she’ll be giving birth sooner!?

Either way, we’re thrilled for Jennifer and her husband, movie star Ben Affleck!

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Photo credit: GSI Media/Splash

  • klutzy_girl

    When is Jen going to have this baby? It feels like she’s been pregnant forever at this point!

    • Anonymous

      She’s going to have the baby when it’s ready. She’s been pregnant for (approximately) 8-81/2 months.

      Ask a stupid question. . . . . . . . .

      • Anonymous

        Is it really necessary to be such a b*tch when replying?

        • Anonymous

          I don’t see anything wrong with the other poster’s comment – the first comment on this article was pretty lame and pathetic actually: When is she going to have this baby …”It feels like she’s been pregnant forever at this point!” It’s like this poster is being personally inconvenienced by the duration of this pregnancy or something. Get a life.

      • Anonymous

        +1 LOL

      • Anonymous

        Im pretty sure she’s due this month, so she’ slike 9.5 month pregnant. What a stupid answer

  • Annie123

    This lady always has the most ill-fitting jeans in the world. It’s too bad she can’t simply wear a straight-leg, fitted pair. Her fuller pregnancy figure looks amazing and she should be proud of it.

    • Anonymous

      So true!

    • anonymous

      They are always so long on her! It’s like she thinks she needs tall when she should be getting average length.

  • Anonymous

    Her kids are the most photographed in Hollywood. Poor kids are so overexposed, they see paps everyday because Jen makes no attempts at all to avoid them.

    They always , always find her at the most random places and are there before she even gets there!! hmmmmm
    Other celebs live in LA and are never seen because they don`t want to be photographed everyday.

  • SallyAnn

    Easy ladies! I think she is most likely due end of this month, beginning of March. That would explain the Spring answer, as she is probably adding on a couple of weeks to hopefully confuse the paparrazi that are waiting to
    stalk the hospital. Even though I can’t wait to hear about the new little one, I do feel bad when photographers park outside of houses/schools and hospitals for good news or pictures. Those are sacred and private places. The Grove, pumpkin patch, or highly public places are the places that paparazzi should be. Even if it meant no more pictures of my favorite kiddos, I’d definitely advocate for stronger paparazzi laws. Are there any paparrazi laws currently?

    • Anonymous

      yeah, more laws. that’s the answer for everything.

    • Anonymous

      laws like you are advocating are tricky because you are talking about restricting the right of people to take photos in public areas. If you pass a law that says, “anyone with a camera can’t stand outside a hospital” you are heading down a slippery slope of restricting public space for everyone. Leave the courts out of it and let celebrities decide how they choose to live their lives. No one is making them stay in Hollywood, the paparazzi capital of the world. Being photographed is part of the job of being famous. If a celebrity doesn’t like it they can do things to be more private. Many have successfully maintained privacy for their families even living in Los Angeles.

  • Anonymous

    gosh she is a good mother always spending so much time with her girls. she is about to pop that baby out and she is carrying Serraphina and a hand bag and an iPad/water bottles, whilst keeping an eye on Violet.

    • Anonymous

      She is not that good of a mother considering she does nothing at all to protect her kids from daily encounters with paparazzi. She parks blocks away and parades her poor girls. Soon she will have another kid to be photographed everyday.

      Other celeb moms always spend lots of time with their kids, they just protect their kids and don’t keep going to where the paps are! She could avoid them if she wanted to. Does she deserve some medal because she holds her kids????? So what.

      If she did not want to be photographed everyday she would not be. FACT!!!!

  • Anonymous

    I dreamt last night that she had a baby girl and named her Magnolia! Hahaha

  • Anonymous

    Magnolia, Maple… i could see it! By the way, Anon 10:41, don’t complain. You come to a site that relies on papparazzi pictures for their bread and butter so you should enjoy the celebrities that don’t hide in their mansions.

  • Bink

    Perhaps Jen’s wearing Ben’s pants? Some pregnant women enjoy borrowing their man’s clothes because they’re generally larger.

  • SMH

    I think she’s going to have it the first week of March. It does seem like forever since she’s been pregnant. I always thought the same thing with Pink! Some celebs on the other hand seem to go so fast Kate Hudson umm Beyonce! I felt like they announced they were pregnant and a 2 months later had babies lol.

    I am really thinking it’s a boy though but she is one together mommy and you can’t fault her for just living her life despite the paparazzi presence.

    • Elle

      Ummmm…do you not realize lots of other celebs also manage to live their lives in LA and not have everyday and every move photographed? She and her kids are photographed daily and Ben is usually MIA.

      She could avoid them easily if she cared about keeping her kids away from the paps. She is not like you either. She wears designer, though ugly clothes everyday, had affairs during her past relationships and calls the paps b/c there is no way they just randomly know when she will be at a friends house!!!!

      • Anonymous

        You really need to get over this. She obviously has decided not to let the paps dictate how she lives her life. You say it’s easy to avoid the paps, and maybe so, but it also involves sacrifices. Some are willing to do that, some aren’t. She obviously isn’t. Why are people so personally offended that she chooses to live her life this way? What does it have to do with you?

  • Anonymous

    Definitely looks like she is having twins this time.:)

    • Anonymous

      Twins? Go find photos from her first two pregnancies and you’ll see that she’s really no bigger than she was the last two times.

      Also, she’s no bigger than Keri Russell was or Kate Hudson. This is just how they carry.

      The twin rumors are so dumb and insulting.

      • Anonymous

        Actually she is quite a bit bigger than she was with her first two pregnancies. I two thought she might be carrying twins. In any event, she and her husband were forced to annouce the pregnancy early due the relentless speculation of the press.

        On another note, I don’t understand why some people are bothered by the fact that she takes her kids to and from school, to karate and ballet practice (sometimes she picks up a coffee or does some other errand (a lot of us do the same). What’s the big deal and how is that not protecting her children, when the paps constantly follow her while she is doing what she has to do? For those that don’t want to see the photos, just scroll past them. If something annoyed me to that degree, I sure as heck would find ways to avoid it. You wonder why she doesn’t dress to please you?…..I wonder why you are so concerned with somebody or something that is so upsetting to you. Get over it ……

  • Anonymous

    I love the sippy cups she has for her girls? Anyone know which brand they are?

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