Tori Spelling’s Wise Little Liam

Tori Spelling recently updated her website ediTORIal with a photo of her 4-year-old son Liam and his thoughts on aging. With his sister Stella, 3, in the background – the cutie poses with a bow tie in the kitchen.

“Liam recently shared his prophetic thoughts on aging with me, “Tori writes.

When you get old you become a grandpa, your balls sag, you die, and then you get buried up.”

She adds, “My wise little dude.”

The things kids say! Right now the family are with Tori in Salt Lake City while she shoots her Christmas movie Mistle-Tones.

Even though she’s away working Tori is still finding time to pamper herself. She Tweeted: “Anyone know of an organic spray tan place in SLC?”

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Photo credit: ediTORIal


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  1. anonymous

    That comment is SO INAPPROPRIATE for a four year old! Tori , stop pretending to be Liam in your comments. You are embarrassing yourself and him!

  2. SallyAnn

    Why does a 4 year old know about ‘balls sagging”? I realize someone told him, but I guess I just don’t like “crass” talk like that coming out of a little boy’s mouth. They learn to talk like that by middle school anyway, so those first
    few years of innocence are worth savoring.

  3. Grace

    I don’t know why she thinks it’s so cute and funny when her four-year-old says stuff like that.

    And I feel sorry for poor Liam. He can’t go to the bathroom without his Mom tweeting about it. And I mean that literarlly, she once tweeted about him going to the bathroom.

  4. Anon

    Just proves a life of riches beyond imagination does not buy intelligence..

  5. Klee

    I agree with all of the above comments. Also Anon, money doesn’t buy class either.

  6. anonymousk

    I personally think it’s hilarious, but I wouldn’t be happy about it if it was my kid. Kids see and hear stuff sometimes when we can’t control it. Maybe he heard it from another kid? Who really cares? If Tori and Dean talk like this to him, then shame on them, but there’s no telling where he got it.

  7. Sophia

    Lighten up! It’s a harmless quote from a kid, I would hardly say it’s inappropriate for someone Liam’s age to know that as you age, yeah things do sag! I think Tori and Dean’s kids are such sweet, funny people, and I have to disagree Grace about the things they say in front of them. Whenever I’ve seen the show they’ve been open with their kids, sure, but never spoken inappropriately in front of them.

  8. anonymous

    Is that you Tori disguised as Sophia? It is completely inappropriate for a four year old to know about “balls sagging” let alone talking about it , which is why I think Tori made the entire quote up herself and passed it off as Liam. Tori’s children have no boundaries and are spoiled little brats, just like their mother! Their unreality show is SO contrived and and really lame.

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