Gisele Bündchen & Her Beach Boy

Model mom Gisele Bündchen and her son Benjamin were photographed on the beaches of Costa Rica on Saturday (February 18). The supermodel mama rocked an itsy bitsy bikini alongside her adorable 2-year-old tot.

Football star hubby Tom Brady was also spotted with the mother-son duo. They were joined by Tom’s Patriots teammate Wes Welker and his fiancée. The group is unwinding after a difficult Super Bowl loss earlier this month.

The getaway coincides with Tom and Gisele’s third wedding anniversary. They were first wed in a small Catholic ceremony in Santa Monica, Calif. in February 2009. A couple months later, the genetically-gifted pair remarried in a larger ceremony in Costa Rica.

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  1. Anonymous

    Nice to see them relaxing with Wes Welker and his girlfriend­ on vacay. The media looks so stupid right about now, lol.

  2. Cassie

    Ben is too cute in those pics. He looks very happy and healthy.
    Ben looks more like Tom but Gisele’s resemblance is very present, he looks like a mix of them both when they were toddlers.

    She looks too much muscular. Perhaps it’s a good time to take a break from doing heavy muscle work.
    I’m jealous of her body type. Tall, slender and slim all her life put together with athletic lifestyle. It’s hard to keep up a body like hers once you get it.
    Damn me for being slightly small and very lazy, otherwise I wouldn’t have flat and chubby belly and legs.

    Her face doesn’t look stunning without make-up most of the time, it’s a pity. In these pictures she does look beautiful but not what we expect from her. . Just give another reason for people who hate her to criticize the lack of perfection they expect.

  3. Cassie

    You both Anonymous did not understand what I wrote. I didn’t criticise Gisele in any moment. I’ve no idea where you both got these impressions.

    The lack of haters in Gisele’s CBS article is a miracle. I was expecting people come here just to bash her like they always do. Gisele’s articles are always some of the most commented and popular in CBS thanks to her haters. But looks like CBS is losing it’s public since the recent CBS articles are not getting too many comments like in the past.
    You both should defend Gisele in sites like the Daily Mail from UK, people there massacrate Gisele.

    • Anonymous

      You did criticize her, whether you think so or not. Perhaps that is not what you meant to do, but when English is not your first language (as it does not appear to be), you probably shouldn’t try to express complex ideas that are difficult to convey even by native speakers, as it just leads to misunderstanding. And I’m sure there are many sites where people are far more nasty than they are here. But I don’t read those sites, so I don’t really care.

  4. bridget

    If majority of the people on this planet HATE Gisele, why is she on track to becoming the richest model in history and making 1/2 of the highest paid couple in entertainment ? !!!! Benjamin is sooo cute ….

  5. Anonymous


  6. Anonymous

    Here comes the Gisele defenders. Seriously get a clue Gisele doesn’t care whether you defend her or not she doesn’t even know you. I don’t know why they come on EVERY single site where Gisele is posted maybe it’s to just stare at her photos and idolize her like creepers or maybe it’s because they know she is going to have comments that dislike her lol and they want to fight them off. Gisele Bundchen never even graduated high school and it shows on her constant idiot comments that everyone notices. She looks average and he son looks average and her husband looks average, they all look average. Unfortunately it’s the norm for average looking people to be idolized and get paid millions just look at other celebs.

  7. Anonymous

    LOL Gisele bundchen is a 30 year old with a grade 10 level of education. LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

    • Anonymous

      Beginning your sentence with LOL and ending with LMAOOOOOO….is pot calling kettle black. Bashing and resorting to name calling is uneducated in itself. Her twitter team once linked a post to this site and I doubt they will again. Just remember she is someone’s mother,daughter,sister and is human too. If you can’t have educated discussions yourself maybe you should think about enrolling in some classes.

  8. Anonymous

    About her education: ( if its not her looks, its her education or character) glad she didn’t sit around listening to detractors or I doubt she would be a mega million dollar (no not just model) but business woman/entrepreneur. Yes she had a great team, as does Oprah…How does anyone not know she didn’t get her GED? why assume she didn’t? We don’t know! I dont think she talks about her personal life that much. Besides she has traveled the world all at a young age and probably has learned more from experience than some people do in a lifetime. Doing things on your own and learning for yourself hands on is just as beneficial than sitting in a classroom for four years. Besides its “always Gisele” right? How many models/actors/singers left school to pursue their dream? ALOT.

  9. Anonymous

    Hey, HATERS on Gisele, who say she is uneducated: She speaks 5 languages..
    That’s right. And she has business savvy.. so…. it appears she is not as dumb as you think.

  10. Anonymous

    She’s smart enough.. makes bank and has logevity in a tough field.

  11. Anonymous

    She is not physically attractive as she ages. I believe it’s her narcissistic personality on the inside that is making her age badly.

  12. Anonymous

    To the person who said Bundchen was 30. Actually she’s 31 and will be 32 in July. She is not aging gracefully.

    And she doesn’t think before she speaks and doesn’t care that her words hurt people. Having grace and sensitivity is more important than the money she makes. And I don’t give a hoot about how much money she has.

    It’s all about kindness to others. She’s passive aggressive and has made hurtful statements towards Bridget Moynahan.

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