Jessica Simpson Shopping In L.A.

First-time mama-to-be Jessica Simpson was out doing some last minute shopping with her mom, Tina Simpson, on Friday (February 17) at Bel Bambini baby boutique in Los Angeles, Calif. The Irresistible singer was showing off her baby bump in a lime green fitted dress covered with a black cardigan. A pair of bright orange wedges completed her outfit.

The fashion designer and savvy businesswoman – who is engaged to the father-to-be Eric Johnson – has been in the spotlight with her new Jessica Simpson Collection billboard posted in Times Square recently. And with the upcoming premiere of the reality show Fashion Star being set to launch next month, the Dukes of Hazzard star has still found a few hours to veg out.

Vampire Diaries has been a minor obsession of mine this month!! I’ve watched every episode!!” the 31-year old tweeted. “Ok, so maybe it isn’t a minor obsession.. Ha.”

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  1. Anonymous

    I really try not to comment on things like this… but it’s very obvious, through pictures AND through her interviews, that this woman is eating SO unhealthy. She’s either going to have a very, very large baby – or her baby is going to be tiny @ full-term because what it’s mother is eating has little to no nutritional value.

    We’ve all watched Jessica struggle with her weight over the years, but I think this is the perfect example of taking “pregnancy weight” to an extreme. I mean, when is this lady due? She’s had a huge belly since she debuted her pregnancy in October, and was showing way before then. I’m genuinely beginning to worry for her and her child’s health. My cousin Ashley had TRIPLETS and has a very similar body type to Jessica’s pre-pregnancy. My cousin was this size when she delivered her triplets @ 36 weeks pregnant. And Jessica’s only having one baby supposedly? Oy.

    • Anonymous

      She is very short and her fiancé is super tall. Her fiancé is also vegan. Unless you are in her kitchen, why assume you know what she eats. Not everyone is made the same or has babies that are the same.

    • Anonymous

      I’m more worried about those shoes! Maybe Jessica has super balance but I would be putting my baby at risk if wearing shoes like that when heavily pregnant.

    • Cassie

      I agree with you. We are completely detached from her life so we can’t give opinions based on evidence but if Jessica is really doing what she says in interviews, she is not being careful with her health and child’s health. A pregnant can eat whatever she wants within medical reason but coupled with a healthy diet by the side. If Jessica is exagerating on sweets and other not healthy delicious stuff without having a healthy diet to fall back on, it can be dangerous.

      One insignificant fact I’ve noticed. I see people bashing Gisele for being athletic and healthy during pregnancy by claiming average woman do not have time to care and act. But when someone like Jessica comes up saying how much she enjoys sweets and doing nothing people do not criticize. Looks like Jessica is what the average American woman likes more.

    • Anonymous

      I feel kind of bad for you if you’re this worried about a celebrity whom you’ve (probably) never met.

      • Anonymous

        the woman has said in many interviews that she’s not watching what she’s eating, is pigging out on buttered pop-tarts and feels as if pregnancy is her “free pass”. i’m not stating she’s eating unhealthy just because she’s big. i am short stature as well, actually an shorter than jessica. i am 5’2″ and i was never THAT huge, and i had a healthy 7 pound 3 ounce baby. she’s overdoing it, whether you like it or not. the woman has never had a healthy body image, has always gone to extremes with her diet and she needs to start focusing on her health.

  2. Anonymous

    i don’t know if that is just the dress but she looks huge, she’s going to have lots of work ahead of her to get her bod back

  3. just sayin'

    She just looks like total trailer trash.. I feel really sorry for her and how’s she really lost it over the past few years.. She does, however, seem like she will be a good mom due to her sweet nature

  4. Anonymous

    I don’t care what she weighs, but once again I can’t help but wonder how this woman heads a fashion line. Lime dress, hideous orange and tan shoes, black sweater, stringy hair.

    (It’s not just the pregnancy, she always dresses in the most awful clothes).

  5. Anonymous

    i love her but she does look trashy! at least wash your hair jess!

  6. Anonymous

    its what she is wearing the fabric must be Streachy !!
    Jessica is RICH with her shoes and clothes brand
    and after she has this kid ( I say a girl ) she do a weight-loss advertisiment
    and get even more rich
    and she probably $ell the babys first pictures too and get $$ off of that
    money money they poop $ out, literal

  7. Anonymous

    Wow, people are cruel! I agree she should probably watch what she eats, but she is pregnant for pete’s sake! I don’t really notice too much change in her other than her enormous belly. I have a friend who is very athletic (marathoner) who is about jessica’s size and was that big with all 3 of her boys.
    Womens bodies take on pregnancy differently, I’d like to see pictures of all your perfect pregnant bodies on here if they are so much better.

  8. Anonymous

    I’m 4’11 and looked just like Jessica when I was pregnant. I have short torso & my body adjusted by me getting really wide & my tummy was huge early. I didn’t eat anything out of the ordinary & gained 50 lbs. a lot of it was fluid retention. After I had my babies I was back to pre-pregnancy shape within weeks. Everyone carries differently & you can’t accurately say she’s gained a ton of weight pigging out unless you’re with her 24/7. The same was said about me & people were eating their words 1 month after my deliveries when I was tiny again with a seemingly flat tummy

  9. Anonymous

    She looks totally unhealthy. There is no reason to get that huge all over. Lets just call it as it is, she is fat

  10. Anonymous

    Super bloated? Third trimester?

    Then explain why she has looked exactly like this since October?

  11. gini

    Wow you women are so mean. I don’t see these types of comments for all the other pregnant women who clearly gained weight all over rather than just bellies. Jennifer Garner, Hillary Duff…both have clearly gained quite a bit of weight with their pregnancies. Not everyone is gonna be 9 months pregnant and rail thin like Posh Spice. And to all you who are “concerned for her baby” Oh please! Im sure she isn’t living off pop tarts and is taking her prenatal vitamins so the baby is fine. Quit being so dramatic.

  12. Anonymous

    She’s just gross and dumpy. What a pig.

  13. Daneen

    I’m shocked by some of the comments that I’m reading, considering none of the haters on here know anything about Jessica Simpson other than what is reported in the media. Sure, she might have mentioned a few of her pregnancy food cravings – and how she’s enjoying eating for two. But you must realize that having been a celebrity for half her life, she’s probably been on a diet for that long…so give the girl a break. Also, Jessica’s chest was big to begin with and now they’e huge – so that just makes her look bigger. Finally, she’s short. I’m 5’2″ (about her height) w/ a short torso and when I was pregnant, I looked exactly like that b/c the baby had no where to go but out. I looked exactly like Jess and people kept asking if I was having twins or if maybe my ‘due date was wrong.’ I only gained about 28lbs, but I looked like I was ready to give birth when I was just 6 months along. So if she’s not pigging out and it’s just her body’s way of carrying the baby weight, I really feel for her. Let’s just say this – at least she’s carring a bottle of Perrier in her hand and not a Super Big Gulp.

  14. Anonymous

    She looks like she just walked out of a trailor park. And no it’s not just this once. She always looks horrible.

  15. Anonymous

    I hate to be rude, but what’s the point of putting on the fancy shoes and dress when you aren’t even going to bother brushing your hair? Orwashing it for that matter.

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