Maria Shriver & Patrick: Hangin’ In LA

American journalist Maria Shriver was spotted strolling with her handsome son Patrick on Wednesday (February 22) in Los Angeles, Calif.

The former First Lady of California – who is also mother to Katherine, Christina, and Christopher with ex-husband Arnold Schwarzenegger – stuck close to her son in stripes as the pair made their way down the street.

It seems Maria’s eldest daughter Katherine, 22, has recently made her television debut as a special correspondent for Entertainment Tonight.

“I was terrified,” the USC senior told PEOPLE. “Before I went in there, I was like, ‘I’m going to throw up. I’m going to have projectile vomit in their faces, I’m so nervous!’ ”

ET host Nancy O’Dell personally asked Katherine to conduct the interviews with Reese Witherspoon, Chris Pine, and Tom Hardy about their upcoming movie This Means War.

“What if people think, ‘What is she doing? Why is she interviewing these really well-known people?’ ” Katherine admits. “But if I don’t do it, I’ll feel terrible, because it’s an amazing opportunity.”

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Photo credit: Pacific Coast News

  • Anonymous

    He’s getting pretty hot! it’s a good thing he looks like his mother

    • Anonymous

      That’s a pretty creepy thing to say about a minor. I won’t say the word, but I’m sure you know where I’m going with it.

      • NYC Mommy

        FYI- Patrick is 18 years old and not a minor.

      • Anon

        I think he turned 18 (fairly recently), but it is still inappropriate and a bit creepy for a grown woman to be lusting after a kid who is still in high school.

        • Anonymous

          That’s for sure. I’m not opposed to “older woman-younger man” scenario, but this dude is a kid for pete’s sake and it’s kinda pervy to say he’s “hot” (unless you are a teen yourself).

        • Anonymous

          I was not aware “he is getting pretty hot.” would be considered lusting.

        • Anonymous

          I was not aware “he is getting pretty hot.” would be considered lusting.

        • Sujinah

          How do you know it is a grown woman?
          Teens use the internet, too … FYI.
          And anyway, if it was a “grown woman”, what would be the problem? He is 18 and it’s not like she is saying that she wants to have sex with him …
          PS: He is pretty hot, I must agree!
          PPS: I am 16.

    • Anonymous

      Once again, someone with no filter. Great.

    • Godfrey

      He looks nothing like his mom, he strongly resembles Arnold

  • Anonymous

    He actually looks just like his father.

  • Anonymous

    I wonder Patrick stills has contact with half brother Joseph?

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