Nicole Richie “Offers Her Kids” To Jessica Simpson

Nicole Richie may not have any motherly advice for expectant mama Jessica Simpson, but that doesn’t mean the 30-year-old Fashion Star mentor isn’t willing to help her fellow co-star prepare for motherhood in other ways.

“I offered for her to take my kids up until she has hers,” Nicole says on Access Hollywood Live. “That didn’t really work, but the offer still stands because she hasn’t had her kid yet.”

If she wants to take them, go ahead,” Nicole adds, jokingly offering for Jessica to temporarily raise her daughter Harlow, 4, and son Sparrow, 2, until her own bambino arrives. “I will go to Cabo, no problem.”

Is Jessica getting prepared to welcome a little girl?

The mom-to-be was recently spotted shopping in L.A.’s Bel Bambini boutique, carefully picking out clothing and accessories for her upcoming bundle – in pink.

“Jessica and her mom [Tina Simpson] spent over an hour at the store,” a source tells PEOPLE. “She took her time picking out the perfect baby items.”

What did she grab?

Pink baby clothes, a Moses basket, and “other adorable baby items,” the souce reveals.

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Photo credit: Bauer Griffin

  • Carrie

    Poor thing. That chest has kind of taken on a life of its own!! That can’t be comfortable..

  • Whatever

    those boobs..omg….they are as huge as her head

  • Daisy Duke who?

    She’s huge. Terrible, I know but when every other celebrity mom-to-be is featured in stories like “How I’m Staying Fit During Pregnancy”, you’d think Jess would have picked up on that if she has any inclination to continue a career in the appearance-obsessed public eye, and if she doesn’t then that’s her decision and more power to her. Point being, she (her body) looks uncomfortable and her boobs could double as flotation devices.

    • Anonymous

      I doubt she cares. She has already signed a deal with Jenny Craig to be their next spokesperson, so getting as fat as possible is good for her bottom line.

  • MJ

    Carrie I was just about to say the same thing! I get chesty when I’m pregnant (or nursing) too (i go from a B to a D) but that has GOT to be uncomfortable to be at her cup size.

  • Anonymous

    Is she eating like a maniac or wtf??? I remember Salma Hayek got big during her pregnancy but i don’t remember if she was THAT big as Jessica.

  • Anonymous

    OMG her boobs! And her milk hasn’t even come in yet! They’re going to be even bigger when she gets her milk in there a few days after the birth!

  • Anonymous

    wow, what a snarky comment from Nicole. See, people really don’t give up their bitchy ways even after having kids. She clearly was hinting at Jessica not being able to handle it. Oh, and I read that Jessica is getting bigger and even BIGGER than usual celebs because she has a deal with Jenny Craig or WW for afterwards and they want a REALLY hefty “before” Jessica. Holly-Weird, indeed.

    • Anonymous

      Nicole Richie was kidding. Lighten up.

  • Anonymous

    Nicole Richie was, is and will continue to be an idiot.

  • Anonymous

    Pity a woman’s worth is measured by how fat she gets during pregnancy these days…

  • SMH

    Wow really you got all that from that quote.

    To me she was joking when she clearly said she’d go to Cabo meaning kids are work and she’s up for someone to take them who would like some practice on what it’s like to have a child (or two). It wasn’t snarky. They’re friends. Stop thinking so deep.
    And it’s nice to know you know the ins and outs of people who are pregnant and looking to go on a diet plan after. We should all come to you for all this knowledgeable information!

  • Anonymous

    Jessica Simpson is only 5’3 so it’s not really a surprise she’s gaining so much weight. Also DAMN those boobs of her are huge!!! I’ve never seen such big breasts in my entire life!!!

    • Anonymous

      You should probably get out more. Lots of women have way bigger breasts.

      • Anonymous

        Breasts that big?? I have never seen that maybe it’s the area in which i live where people don’t have much weight on them in general so it’s hard to have breasts that big but seriously no i’ve never seen any womans breasts THAT big. They’re huge! Are the women you see that have them bigger are they big all over their body too?

    • Anonymous

      People who are 5’3″ gain more weight than people who are 5’6″?


  • Jen

    I really want to be nice because I like that Jessica Simpson does not care what people think and has been honest about her weight fluctuations, but DEAR GOD. She has got to be what, an F cup? Do boobs even go up to that size?! And even though she does not have to be frumpy like, say, Alicia Silverstone was during her pregancy, she could at least make an effort not to look ridiculous. The outfits she pick are awful, and those shoes! Get real! Who wears platforms at post 6 months pregnant?! And as for the weight gain, both Kate Hudson and Milla Jovovich gained upwards of 60 pounds and they looked big but still gorgeous. Jessica just looks fat. I feel sorry for her, because pics like this should NOT be in a baby book. Make some effort at least for Gods sake!

  • Anonymous

    I love Jessica for not caring about her weight during her pregnancy. There are too many Hollywood stars who care too much about staying skinny, something that’s really unhealthy for the baby. I even have friends who starve themself while being pregnant, because they’re scared of the weight. And some of those babies have trouble growing.
    I think Jessica just cares more about the baby, then her weight gain.

    • Anonymous

      It is not okay to not care about your weight while pregnant. There’s a big difference between starving yourself and shoving everything you see into your mouth. There is a happy medium, you know.

  • Anon

    I am NOT a Jessica fan BELIEVE ME! BUT as a person of short stature with non pregnant E cup boobs, I look at some of the pregnant women- Jennifer Garner for example- who’s boobs do not get enormous- with such ENVY! You people can all sit back and judge..but large breasted women (I was 100 pounds post pregnancy with an all natural E cup)DO not have any control over what their boobs do while pregnant. Mine took over, and have a short waist like Jessica. I think my boobs were bigger than my belly. I gained 30 pound of baby and boobs. Boobs got even bigger when my milk came in. They scared the baby- they were bigger than his head! Give the girl a break! I know she’s a known sloth, BUT you cannot control what pregnancy does to your boobs! They will only get bigger once the baby is born so BRACE YOURSELVES!

  • Amine

    Mar01 I think this is awesome! I can’t seem to get any frhtuer down on mine, and no, I still won’t show that left axis. I still have 3-4 pounds to lose by next Wednesday. Maybe if I was at the gym as often as you are .. Keep it up, hot stuff!!

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