Jackson Rathbone Is “Very Excited” To Become A Dad

Twilight star Jackson Rathbone is really excited to become a dad. The actor – who is expecting his first child with girlfriend Sheila Hafsadi was at the premiere of his new movie Gone on Tuesday when he spoke about his thoughts on parenthood.

He told US Weekly, “One of the greatest thing I could expect to be in life is a father. I’m very excited!”

The 27-year-old – who plays Jasper Hale in the Twilight series – gives thanks to his own dad’s parenting advice.

I have one of the greatest dads in the world. He’s just been giving me amazing advice.”

He jokes that the best tip he was told was “be prepared for lots of poop!”

Talking about his 24-year-old girlfriend he states, “I believe everything and anything that she wants is the best thing! And yes is always the right answer —  that’s what my mom taught me!”

Speaking also to Access Hollywood – Rathbone revealed, “I’ve got amazing parents to learn from. I’ve been on the phone with them every day since [we got the pregnancy news].”

As for the sex of their child – who is due in the spring – he’s keeping mum.

“I don’t want to go into all that,” he said, “But I’m really excited.”

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  • Anonymous

    Does anyone get married before having kids anymore??

    • VeronicaRamos

      Is that important? Having a child is already a big commitment.

      • Anonymous

        Veronica Ramos you keep reporting peoples posts that aren’t even offensive. You also post on everything that is teen pregnancy related and now this i’m starting to think you got pregnant as a teen and and never got married to the father. In general it’s not that hard to keep your legs closed or use protection. Also if you aren’t married to the person you have a child with there is a big chance one of you doesn’t love the other. Another high chance percentage is that someone is trying to keep another person in a relationship and not lose them if they aren’t married. THIS is what mostly men complain about…yet children born out of wedlock continue on.

      • Anonymous

        It’s a commitment if you PLAN the pregnancy, which I doubt is what happened here.

    • Anonymous

      The people that love each other get married before having kids the ones that don’t, don’t. I don’t get how someone says they love being a parent and they are committed to a kid but they don’t/can’t love being a spouse and don’t want to commit? It’s kinda odd and why on Earth would someone have kids with someone they don’t love or want to be together with forever? Why put the child through something like that? like a predictable separation?

      This couple is more likely going to try to stay together for the kids sake but end up separating and having a horrible custody battle afterwards. Remember Halle Berry “I’m in love, marriage is just a piece of paper” afterward now they’re both in court fighting for custody.

  • Anonymous

    Actually they’re not even a couple,they met 6 months ago and she’s over 5 months pregnant…

    • Anonymous

      LMAOO who else got pregnant one month after dating was it Leah messer from teen mom?

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