Happy 9th Birthday Joaquin Consuelos!

Name: Joaquin Antonio Consuelos

Parents: Kelly Ripa & Mark Consuelos

Date of Birth: February 24, 2003

Siblings: Michael, 14, & Lola, 10


  • Joaquin was born in New York City
  • His mother & father met on the set of the soap opera All My Children
  • He loves Star Wars
  • Joaquin had a guest-spot on Live with Regis and Kelly last year and was sent out on an assignment to ask his elementary school compatriots all about Christmas.


“You guys all have favorite kids, too. You may not admit it out loud! You may say ‘I love all my kids the same’ but you know in the event of emergency, there’s one kid you’d reach for first. Well, we don’t really admit it. But it is Joaquin. My kids are in school so they’re not seeing this. It’s funny though…” – mama Kelly on which one of her three children is deemed their “favorite.”

“I would say old-school. I am very traditional and I am the disciplinarian.” – papa Mark on fatherhood.

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  • Anonymous

    I know that first comment is supposed to be funny. I know it’s a joke. I know it’s not serious. But nonetheless, what a strange and unpleasant thing to say.

    • Anonymous

      She’s just being realistic! Happy birthday Joaquin!!!!!

      • Anabelle

        That’s not realistic. I have three daughters and they really are all equal to me. After reading this quote I thought, “Do I have a favorite?” and thought about it, the conclusion I came to was no, I don’t. I love them all and the things about each of them that annoy me just make me love them even more because it’s part of what makes them who they are. x

        • Anonymous

          just because you dont have a favorite (suuuuure ya dont) doesnt mean she cant!!!!! i love that she admitted that 🙂 shes not saying she doesnt like her other kids! jeeeeeeeeeez people! lighten up. get a massage. have a drink. something.

          • Anabelle

            Whatever. Even if she does have a favorite, I sure as Hell don’t. And that’s the truth. There’s no reason for me to lie on the Internet when there’s no way of tracking me and could be lying about everything. It’s not like my kids will ever read it, or if they did they don’t know for sure it’s me.

          • Anonymous

            My kids both know that either one of them is my favorite at certain times or during certain activities (one is my favorite because she helps fold the laundry, the other is my favorite because she watches American Idol with me).

            It all evens out in the end. I doubt either of them will require therapy.

  • Anonymous

    Yeah I agree. Even if I had a favorite, I’d never say.

  • Anonymous

    Funny but her kids will probably read it one day. Could be extremely hurtful because kids wouldnt understand the joke. Im thinking she probably regrets saying that already.

    • Anonymous


  • Anabelle

    I just read her “Favorite” quote and I’m actually quite shocked by it! Yeah, it’s a joke, but if I read that and it was my Mom I’d be so hurt! I’ve lost a ton of respect for her. That’s just such a cruel thing to say. I have three daughters and I couldn’t even begin to contemplate who’s my favorite! x

  • JennyG

    I pretty sure that the kids know their mother’s humor. Just because she said that publicly doesn’t mean that she doesn’t joke about it with her other two kids when she isn’t on television.

    My mother always says “Well she is my favorite”or “You are my favorite. Just don’t tell your sister” with my sister and me. The “favorite” constantly changes. Never have either of us taken it seriously. It is just Mom’s humor. We joke with her that the other one is the favorite and gets special treatment. It is our own joke that shows how we love each other and hopefully each family has their own inside jokes.

  • Anonymous

    her heart is small.

  • Anonymous

    I actually laughed at her “favorite child” quote. It was funny and she loves all her children. At least she was honest about it! And plus, you can never really take Kelly seriously. She’s a jokester. She was probably kidding!

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