Jessica Alba & Honor: Beverly Hills Beauties

Little Fockers star Jessica Alba was spotted walking down the street in Beverly Hills, Calif. on Friday (February 24) with her 3-year-old daughter Honor.

As always, the beautiful brunette was very fashionable donning a plaid button up shirt, a leather vest, and black pants with boots. Honor was right up their with her mama sporting a white shirt with flower patterned tights, a cardigan, and a scarf. After their lunch date at M Cafe, it looks as though a man in a wheelchair asked the famous mama for a hand out.

It seems Jessica is a much stricter parent to her two daughters than her own parents were with her.

”My parents did use ‘because I said so’ and they were not strict,” she claims. “They were fun and cool and laid back and a way better time than me.”

Although she admits to having a ”super bad” teenage moment when she was 14, Jessica feels she was pretty much a good apple.

”I got good grades and I was going to Bible study all the time,” she says. ”I wasn’t bad. But I rebelled, I guess. Like one time when I was fourteen or thirteen or something, I took my dad’s Ford Probe to Jack in the Box. I took side streets. It was a car full of girls. We were bumping Sublime. I was a super bad kid.”

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Photo credit: GSI Media


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  1. Anonymous

    Wow, she didn’t give the panhandler even a buck? No wonder I don’t care about this woman. She’ so fake and her Honest company sucks!

  2. Anonymous

    s/b Honor was right up THERE, not “their”
    Pretty pair.

  3. Dean

    I doubt her company will last 2 years….

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