Jessica Simpson: Ready To Pop

Jessica Simpson and Eric Johnson were seen walking to a medical building in Los Angeles, Calif. on Thursday (February 23). The mom-to-be looks like she’s due any day now!

For her doctor’s appointment, the reality star wore a long dress over her burgeoning baby belly.

Her show Fashion Star premieres on March 13. Now a fashion designer she recently told USA Today, “I do walk around everywhere wanting to shrink things baby-size nowadays.”

Simpson also said she doesn’t think motherhood will change her ability to focus on fashion.

I feel like in the fashion world since we have had so much success that going to approval meetings and being inspired is not hard at all. It’s a really relaxing career for me. I travel to New York and Paris for Fashion Week and stuff but other than that, it’s just a career. All that I need to do is just stay inspired, and I don’t see that leaving anytime soon.”

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  • AvaElizabeth

    I really don’t like her style. never.

  • Anonymous

    According to, she isn’t due until May!

  • Anonymous

    According to, she isn’t due until MAY! That’s crazy!

  • Anonymous

    her hands are swollen she one of those women who swell All Over

  • Erin

    If she is due in May that means when she had that big belly in October she was only 2 – 3 months along in her pregnancy?! Something just isn’t quite adding up correctly here unless she is having multiples, and when I mean multiples I mean 3 or more… I am a nurse and have never seen a belly quite like this at 7 months for a singleton pregnancy, even on other very petite women like Jessica. Either there is more than one baby in there or she took this pregnancy as a license to eat whatever she wants whenever she wants (a common mistake many first time mothers make). if she is in fact due in May I can’t imagine how much bigger she is going to get, the third trimester is often when mom’s really start to ‘blossom’ because their baby is getting bigger and bigger. Good luck Jess, I can’t imagine that she is very comfortable…

  • Anonymous

    Im 4’11 & had an April 2010 baby & looked just like Jessica when I look back on my shower pics which was Feb of that year. I have a short torso & retained quite a bit of fluid. My baby was 8 lb 13 oz @ birth. I did not eat buttered pop tarts, I actually ate very healthy. Just like Jessica people thought I was having multiples or that I was due earlier than I said. Once I delivered I was nearly back to my pre-pregnancy weight in 6 wks. Everyone’s body is different & accomadates for those growing babies however it sees fit.

    • Anonymous

      That’s true, everyone carries differently. But don’t pretend that some women don’t see pregnancy as an excuse to stuff their faces (with buttered pop-tarts) and then wonder why they’ve gained 80 pounds. Happens all.the.time.

      • Anonymous

        It’s true that every woman’s body response differently, sometimes even just between pregnancies. It’s also true that some women DO see it and use it as an excuse to do as you describe.

        I recall that she has been quoted in the media (ok, it could be false) as declaring it to be her excuse to eat loads of sugary and buttery foods…. because it certainly made me raise an eyebrow.

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