Charlie & Dolly O’Connell: Islands Girls

Three-year-old Charlie and Dolly O’Connell enjoyed a lunch date with their grandparents this weekend, heading to Islands restaurant in Woodland Hills, California for a bite to eat (February 25).

Holding hands with grandma, the sweet sisters each showed off their own cute sense of style, with Dolly in a pink top and flouncy skirt and Charlie in polka dot tights a Cookie Monster T.

Though life with twins is no doubt hectic, the girls’ parents Rebecca Romijn and Jerry O’Connell recently revealed that they do try to sneak in a weekly date night:

Once a week we have a date night. But sometimes I don’t really keep up with that promise a lot because we do have two little kids and we can’t always find a sitter,” says Jerry. “I’m working here in New York, and Rebecca has been in L.A. for a little bit, so I fly out on my day off. It’s tough, but we do try to get at least one day a week [for] just the two of us, so we don’t go crazy. Otherwise, all of our dates would consist of going to see animated movies and eating mac-and-cheese at family-style restaurants.”

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Photo credit: GSI Media

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