Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt Didn’t Tell Their Kids They Went To The Oscars

While Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt were attending the Oscars last night – their children Maddox, 10, Pax, 8, Zahara, 7, Shiloh, 5, and 3-year-old twins Knox and Vivienne had no idea where they were.

Angelina explained to Extra, “We get ready somewhere else, so they don’t really know. They just think we’re at work and hope they don’t turn on the television.”

She also told E! News, “We don’t let them watch these things. They don’t really know about them actually. We say we have to go to work tonight – they said, ‘Hurry home'”.

Brad – who lost to Jean Dujardin in the Best Actor category – said he wasn’t going to reprimand his daughters if they misbehaved while they were gone.

“The girls can do no wrong,” He revealed. “I’m the disciplinarian with the boys. And then [Angelina] handles the girls. They do no wrong, ‘Whatever you need honey, you’re absolutely right.'”

Before they left the red carpet Angelina mentioned that Brad brought his parents Jane and Bill with them to the Oscars.

Angelina said, “We’re with Brad’s mom and dad, and we’re just going to go out to dinner. We’re kind of old school, just going to hang out and have a glass of wine and see how it goes.”

The actor joked, “I’m going to take my folks out and get them hammered.”

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  1. Anonymous

    What’s the big deal if they know about award shows and that their parents go to them?

  2. Anonymous

    I couldn’t agree more Anonymous #1 – what’s the big deal???? It’s not like they went to a strip club.

  3. Anonymous

    Maybe they just don’t want the kiddos clamoring or begging to go to the “party”.

  4. rand

    If I see one more photo of Angelina in this completely contrived pose to scream at us that she has a thigh, I am going to puke. Talk about self- love!!

  5. Anonymous

    Or perhaps they don’t want their kids to feel self important or something and brag about it at school because their parents are really famous.. only reason I can think of.

  6. Anonymous

    They went to the parties after, I don’t know why they wanted to make it seem like they weren’t. They were still at Madonna’s party at like past 1am.

    • Anonymous

      They didn’t attend Madonna’s party There is video of them going to Clooneys party and leaving at that time. They told their kids they were going to work . Whether its an interview, press conference or awards show its work

  7. Grandma of Four

    Angelina’s comment does seem a bit odd given that both she and Brad are photographed, with the kids I might add, all over the place! But, the decision is up to the parents! The kids will figure all this out in due time!

  8. Anon

    Maybe she wanted to walk the red carpet without a lollypop stuck to the back of her dress. I think I’d get ready somewhere else too.

  9. Anonymous

    —Jolie’s been exposed fronting for the unelected, PRIVATE, Globalism,
    USURY and EUGENICS ‘UN’ —and is a full blown member of the ever sinister CFR.

    ‘KONY’ itself was funded by the TAX FREE, ultra-rich, globalism
    and EUGENICS ‘friendly’ –Rockefeller Foundation.

    Beyond that –the very narrator of KONY comes across as deeply creepy
    –esp, as he manipulates the little kids for desired emotional effects.


    We’ll bet he himself is related to the capstone Russell family that itself made
    its fortune in the old China opium pushing trade.


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