Kim Kardashian & Mason: Sleeping Beauties

Sweet Dreams!

Reality TV personality Kim Kardashian recently tweeted this adorable snapshot of herself and her 2-year-old nephew Mason catching a few Z’s in the car.

“Sleeping beauty,” the 31-year-old socialite wrote.

Kim recently attended the Elton John AIDS Foundation Academy Awards Viewing Party at the City of West Hollywood Park on Sunday (February 26) in Beverly Hills, Calif. During the viewing party, Kim gushed about celebs attending the big award show.

“Wow JLO looks amazing!!!” she tweeted. “Emma Stone looks beautiful! The glam on the red carpet is heating up! OMG Gwyneth Palthrow looks soooo chic! WOW … Wow Angelina went fun & sexy!!!! LOVE”

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  • Anonymous

    yeah sure she’s sleeping….. this family is so fake, their every move is made up. I don’t see the purpose of lying, a pic of her smiling while tenderly watching her nephew sleeping would have been just as cute, with a true feeling to it.

  • Anonymous

    Staged beyond belief.

    • Anonymous

      My sentiments exactly…

  • Anonymous

    Desperate for attention
    please Please Limit the kartrashian

  • Stellie

    its obvious shes awake…does she not have anything better to do then find a way to be in the media.

  • Bella

    You took the word right out of my month this photo look fack like she closed her eye real quick and had someone take the pictuer.

  • Anonymous

    Fake. Her upper lip looks sooo disgusting and worked. Does anyone else see Octomom in her? She is sooo annoying. Why is she on here anyway? That’s not her kid.

  • carrie

    She DOES look like the octomom- and I think if enough people speak up we can keep her OUT of the media. Shes just a narcissist – ENOUGH already!! She does nothing but take pictures of herself! STOP posting her here!

  • Anonymous

    Like that he is buckled in his carseat the right way.

  • Anonymous

    I like that he is buckled in his carseat the right way.

  • Anonymous

    Get somebody to adjust that kids chair. The backsit should start at his shoulders, thats when there is maximal protection.

    • Anonymous

      What is a backsit? That’s the way my daughters seat is so I wanna know what I’m doing wrong…

  • A.

    Kourtney seems like a really good mom, from what I see (photos and TV) but the rest of the family (Kris, Kim, Khloe) are treating this kid like an object or an accessory… its a shame.

  • Estela

    this dumb female needs another porn flick to stay relevant…wouldnt be surprised if one shows up on tmz with her and kanye west…poor exploited child let him sleep!

  • Anonymous

    shes not sleeping, my son has this exact carseat and from where shes resting her head its not comfortable for someone to sleep, shes so fake.

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