50 Most Beautiful Afro-Latinos In Hollywood

As Black History Month comes to an end, our friends at Latina put together a list of the top 50 “Most Beautiful” Afro-Latinos in 2012.

The list includes some of our favorite celebrity moms: Mariah Carey, Nicole Richie and Christina Milian.

And not to mention some sexy papas too, such as baseball star Alex Rodriguez.

To see the complete list of the 50 Most Beautiful Afro-Latinos in Hollywood, go to Latina

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  1. Anonymous

    These lists confuse me. If there were a list of the 50 Most Beautiful White People, the world would be in an uproar.

    • Anonymous

      and can you imagine if we had a ‘white’ tv channel (like BET but for white people)? whites are the only ones who arent allowed to be racist, it’s ok for everyone else.

      • Anonymous

        That is because we are the minority, and to take pride in that we have our own magazines, tv, etc. You do have White tv, and white magazines, you just don’t call it that, you have white tv inadvertently because you all are the majority it is biased towards you all whether it is realized or not. So as minorities (african american, and hispanics, etc) we have to have something for us, by us, because only we really understand us.

        • Anonymous

          What this reminds me of is hundreds of years of women being oppressed, and now that we’ve got (some) equality women do the same stupid sh*t as men like nasty jokes, cheating, etc.

          You want people to be color-blind, then make lists like this one? It doesn’t work that way, sweetheart.

          • SarahSarah

            Well said! Don’t scream about equality and then claim “only we understand us.” I look at what’s on the inside of a person, not the outside. Sad that many people still look at race in this day and age, no matter what race they are themselves.

        • Anonymous

          Either you want to have the same rights as whites or you don’t. You can’t say it’s ok to have segregated tv channels and magazines, then cry when you don’t get a job over a white person.
          If you want it this way, where you have all your own stuff, then you can have your own schools and your own restaurants like it was before.
          Which way sounds better to you?

          • Ebonita

            You… are not getting it. Which I do understand. I just wish you were so arrogant and nasty about your ignorance.

            People of color aren’t segregating ourselves with BET, Ebony, Essence, Latina and other Black specific media outlets. They/We are filling gap. These things are a response to the lack of diversity not a way of moving away from anything.

            All of the things being discussed feature white people as well. Interestingly enough they feature white people as much as other media oulets normally feature Black/Latina/etc people.

            The only reason white people get upset about this is that you all are used to being the majority. So if we create even one venue where we are the majority, even if it is literally a reflection of what has been happening to Black people for decades, you feel slighted. Go out and look at all of the other major media outlets compared to the handful of magazines specified for people of color. Count all of the channels that exists that feature white people overwhelming compared to ONE channel for black people. And maybe then you’ll begin to realize how silly you look.

          • anon

            The difference is, the tv shows and movies a magazines that have more whites than blacks don’t do it on purpose- they don’t say ‘ok this is the White Entertainment Channel and we’re going to feature mostly whites’. The reason they have mostly whites is because there are more whites and more whites are available to be models for the magazines, actors for the tv shows and movies.
            Blacks CHOOSE to have these shows and magazines and actively make sure they are 95% black.
            Its the same thing with jobs, if there are more white people appying of course they are going to hire mostly whites. But blacks cry about it so now employers have to hire a certain number of blacks, even if they don’t qualify.
            The same thing goes for college, I had the stupidest people at my ‘good’ college, and they even got scholarships, all because they were black. If they were white they’d never get admitted.
            But you keep on believing it’s because you’re a ‘minority’, whatever makes you feel better.
            Being a minority doesn’t give you the right to descriminate.

    • Ebonita

      You’ve gotta be kidding me. People magazine does that list every year. Maxim, etc. All of these list glorify white people. They may sprinkle in a handful of people of color in the mix but the lists are overwhelmingly white. The reason a list like this is needed is because the other lists are filled with white people. Not to mention this list specifically is designed to show people who wouldn’t know otherwise that Latino/as are diverse and often have African ancestry as well.

      It’s a shame that some of you are so used to the world catering to you that when people of color get a small peice of recognition you take it as a threat.

      • Anon

        Now who’s being sensitive. Nobody took anything here as a threat. It just makes no sense to want to be seen to be “just like everyone else” then single yourself out for the one thing you want no one else to see, or comment on, or discriminate for, or hire you because of, etc etc etc.

        (BTW-I’m from Puerto Rico)

        • Ebonita

          Who said anything about sensitivity? Where did you even get that from?

          “It just makes no sense to want to be seen to be “just like everyone else” then single yourself out for the one thing you want no one else to see”

          Who said people of color didn’t want anyone to “see” race/ethnicity? That’s impossible. The fact that you equate white people with “everybody else” speaks volumes more than anything else I could say. lol You’re revealing your bias/prejudice.

  2. Anonymous9

    Nothing better than an entire article that divides people up by race.

  3. Ebonita

    I love everything about this!

  4. Anon

    SO, you are an Afro-Latanio if you are born Lanita but raised by a black family (as in Nicole Richie) Guess that makes me Hawaiian! LOL!

  5. Anonymous

    The reason lists like this exist is because without them, people of colour would get very little, if any, recognition by mainstream culture. White people however get recognition all the time. It’s really not that difficult to understand and i don’t know why it would bother/confuse anyone!

    • Anonymous

      THANK YOU, the fact that people don’t understand why we have our own list, or channels, or magazines is proof positive that we need them.

    • SarahSarah

      So, you are happy with “people of color” being recognized for being “people of color?” This is about looks only. I’d rather see a a list based on talent or something that. Or better yet, no list at all. I’d rather see people encouraging folks like Tyler Perry who are creating a mainstream outlet for people of all races and with all colors of skin. Like the other posters, I’m tired of it being okay to single out certain races and not others. I don’t look at people and think about what color they are, and it saddens me that so many people, like yourself, still do. Look at the recent representations of our culture – the Oscars, the Grammys, etc. I saw many people of many races and colors win awards. Why not encourage more of that instead of wasting your time defending a superficial list?

      • Anonymous

        Unless you grew up in a country where you were overlooked in subtle (and sometimes no so subtle) ways every single day, you simply will not understand why a list like this is so necessary. That is the plain and simple truth. Do you have a daughter? Every little girl should be allowed the chance to feel beautiful no?…but how do you instill in her a sense of confidence and self worth when the majority of the commercials, magazines, tv shows, popular books, tv charaters, movies, billboards etc etc…basically the community at large hardly ever shows any representations of her. You as a parent can tell your child over and over again how beautiful and smart and wonderful they are, but when she steps out into the greater community and it tells/shows her otherwise it creates dissonance. The reason that it’s okay to “single out certain races and not others” as you put it, is because people of colour recognized that they were not being represented by mainstream culture, and so rather than sit and whine about it, they got up and did something for themselves and their own communities. It is done for “us”, to highlight and uplift our own communities/cultures/beauty. It is not done to leave out other races. There is absolutely nothing “wrong” with it.

    • Anonymous

      Are you kidding me? Little, if any, recognition for people of color? Yeah, tell that to Mariah Carey and Nick Canon. Tell it to Denzel Washington and Whitney Houston (RIP), Shakira, Beyonce and Jay Z, Christina Aguilera and the entire Wayans family. And those are just the ones I could think of off the top of my head.

  6. Rosy

    This whole article is a mess.

  7. Estela

    lighten up people…caucasians were over-glorified in the past let other races shine too, such as latinos and afican americans or afrolatinos…who wants to watch White Entertaiment Television anyways? Sounds like a White Supremacy Channel lmao!

  8. Anonymous

    Latinos are so diverse! It’s a wonderful and confusing thing, but it’s the truth. Every Latino is different. There are Latinos, like AfroLatinos that can relate to both African and Latino culture. I hope my children, who are Latino and Asian find a connection with their cultures without people being so critical.
    I can compare this list to a “50 most beautiful redheads” list. It’s just one small piece a race, a race that is diverse. (Latinos can have red hair too) see what I mean?

  9. Anonymous

    Let’s be clear, People Magazine put out a “Most Beautiful” list every year, and while it’s “sprinkled” with some minorities, for the most part the list is primarily white, which is FINE. HOWEVER, as a person of color, yes I want to see people ME AND MY CHILD define as beautiful as the standard of beauty for one person may not be for the other. For the same reason there is a BET (Black Entertainment Television), otherwise how often would I see people that looked like me on TV, very rarely. Just my 2 cents.

    • Ebonita

      Thank you! We said basically the same thing. lol

    • Anonymous

      Here’s a newsflash: The whole freaking country is primarily white people and is sprinkled with black (12%) and latino (15%).

      So you have no problem with Black Entertainment Television, but White Entertainment Television is racist? The fact that there used to be so few blacks and Latinos in entertainment is despicable and I’m glad things have changed as much as they have, and continue to change. Having a channel dedicated JUST to black people is just stupid though.

  10. Ebonita

    Who knew posting something as simple as a “50 most beautiful list” (something that has been done countless times before!) would spark such outrage and madness in the commenters. Many of you really need to check your privilege and recognize how irrational you are acting. I would hate to see how you all would act if people of color got the same amount and quality of roles as white people. Heaven forbid they get paid as much.

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