Chantelle Houghton: I Was Shocked To Find Out The Baby’s Sex

In the latest issue of New! magazine – Chantelle Houghton, 28, and Alex Reid, 36, talk about the glamour model’s pregnancy and divulge other revealing tidbits in the interview. Houghton – who is due in June – shares how she and her fiancé found out the sex of their baby.

She said, “We got the wrong day for the appointment and Alex was working, so I ended up going to the doctor’s on my own. I asked them to write it [the sex] down and put it in an envelope. I got home and Alex wanted to open it straight away but I didn’t want to. So we ordered a Chinese, ate that, and I still wasn’t ready.”

When they finally opened it after much deliberation, Chantelle said she was shocked as she was convinced she was having a boy.

I was so shocked and he didn’t speak for an hour. I cried. It was so shocking. I felt like I knew that little boy. When I found out it was a girl, I missed him. It took a while to sink in… we didn’t have a preference. It was just that I had a strong feeling it was a boy. I didn’t expect it.”

When asked if she will breastfeed the baby, her fiance jumped in and said, “I definitely will! 100 per cent. Breast milk has a lot of colostrum in it, which is great for athletes. I’m going to try it!’

The pair opened up on their sex life too. Chantelle said her bump is not going to stop intimacy in the bedroom.

She said, “No, not at all! Obviously, you can’t go mental. That’s the only bit that has changed! It’s a bit… nicer. I’m going to keep on going [through this pregnancy]. You’ve got to keep your man happy. If not he will go somewhere else!”

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  • Ellen

    Maybe it´s because English is my second language, but “ordered a Chinese”. They mean Chinese take-out? Shouldn´t it be “ordered Chinese”. To me it sounds like something different!

    • Anonymous

      You are right in that they meant they ordered Chinese take out. I’m not sure why they say “a Chinese” Lily Allen says the same thing in one of her songs, so maybe it is an England thing.

      • Anonymous

        Ha, I’m from the UK and I don’t think the saying ‘ordering a Chinese’ is strange at all… I guess it is rather literal. It’s funny how different the English language is in different countries 😛

    • Anonymous

      Ellen, they are British and they say “ordered a chinese” or “ordered a curry” or “go for a curry” (Indian) there for sure. My hubby is a Brit, proffesional and very well educated & I lived in the UK for 4 years… and he and his friends totally speak that way. Lots of funny ways of saying things in the Uk that took me by surprise and a long time to get used to. 🙂 I I even say things funny now myself!

      • Anonymous

        When we say ‘ordered a chinese’ we’re just omitting the ‘meal’ off the end. As in we ordered a chinese meal, ordered an indian meal.

    • Anonymous

      They are British (I think?), which explains a few things I had trouble with myself while reading this. And English is my first language. lol But yes, in the states we would say “ordered Chinese” as a shorthand for “ordered Chinese food.”

  • Anonymous

    Ellen – Are they British? My husband is a Brit & he would always say “Order a Chinese” when we lived in the UK or “order a curry”.. 😉 Just thought I would chime in. I have no idea who these people are, but she is gorgeous and exciting about the baby!

  • Anonymous

    Ellen – Oh and one other thing…they say “take away” rather than takeout.. lol.. 😉

  • Shoop

    Keep your man happy? How about it’s the man’s job to keep his pregnant-for-nine-months WOMAN happy. When he starts carrying the baby, he can be pampered.

  • Anonymous

    she sounds like a self centered twit wait till the baby arrives

  • Anonymous

    Sex ‘to keep your man happy, otherwise he will go somewhere else’… That doesn’t sound like a loving relationship

    • Anonymous

      I know right. She doesn’t seem to have any self respect.. I mean, SHE’S the pregnant one here, if anything he should be ‘keeping her happy’.
      These people know nothing about privacy. We don’t want to know about your sex life!

  • Anon

    That entire article is just a backward glance of women 50 years ago…sad! I hope her daughter never has to read how sad she was to be having a girl! Sex to keep her man happy or he’ll go elsewhere? Good riddance!…Lets see how this reads when shes 8 Months along and her man wants sex….Divorce court!

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