Jessica Simpson: Radiant In Red

Stepping out in a vibrant red dress, mom-to-be Jessica Simpson looked lovely last week as she did a bit of shopping in Beverly Hills, California (February 25). Look at that beautiful bump!

As usual, the Fashion Star mentor finished off her look with a pair of sky high heels. Jessica has vowed to wear heels to the very end – it looks like she’ll be keeping that promise!

Though Jessica and her fiance Eric Johnson haven’t confirmed the gender of the baby on the way, rumor has it it’s a girl! The 31-year-old singer was spotted stocking up on pretty pink baby items at L.A.’s Bel Bambini boutique earlier this month.

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Photo credit: FameFlynet

  • Courtney

    aww Jessica looks so beautiful for being 7 mos along some have speculated with twin girls. that would be adorable that shade of red looks really pretty with her complection

  • Anonymous

    My prediction is that we will see a cover of People Magazine with Jessica and her new twins before too long!

  • Anonymous

    Yowza she not due till May ?

  • SMH

    oh my god she’s is huge!

  • Anonymous

    Jessica has already said that she is not expecting twins. Face it, some women carry very large when pregnant. Jessica looks beautiful regardless of her size.

    • Anonymous

      And if she said it, it must be true?

  • Anonymous

    I don’t think its girls but I think she may indeed have twins.. Im extrememly happy for her & wish her nothing but happiness & love.. A beautiful mother she will be.

    What a pleasant site to come too.:)

  • Anonymous

    She always looks so uncomfortable in those shoes she insists on wearing. I would love to see her cut off those extensions and get a new look.

  • Anonymous

    Wow. I am a twin Mom…. I think that she might be having twins—she has been “pregnant” for so long, and she appears to be meassuring large for a singleton, at this point.

  • Anonymous

    She is freaking HUGE! What on earth has she been eating? She has A LOT of work ahead of her!

  • Anonymous

    She looks lovely pregnant but she picks such ugly clothing.

    • Anonymous

      I agree. She has worn the ugliest clothes. Especially for someone in the fashion industry.

  • anonymous

    That’s one ugly dress.

  • Anonymous

    Do you think she looks in the mirror and says “yeah, these 6 inch heels totally make up for the fact that I’ve gained 100lbs”? Not cute.

    • A.

      lol yes she does 🙂

    • Anonymous

      I seriously laughed so hard I spit my drink out.

  • Anonymous

    I’d say walking in those shoes pregnant is way more dangerous than being 41 like Uma Thurman!

  • Shoop

    Yikes. Time for the paps to stop taking photos of her until after she has given birth. This is just an eyesore in every way. Poor giant pregnant woman.

  • Janna

    There are probably many reasons not to like Jessica Simpson as a person, but does that really mean that all anyone can say anymore is how much weight she gained? I almost feel sorry for her.

  • Bink

    Jessica’s only 5’2″, so she’ll look a bit different from taller ladies.

  • DD


  • Anonymous

    She’s only 5’3”, so that coupled with the big baggy flowy clothes she wears are making her look huge. That and her b00bs are huge too. I kind of think that since she has that Jenny Craig or Weight Watchers deal or whatever it is, that she’s going to town because the more weight she’s able to lose afterwards the better it will look for the endorsement company.

  • gini

    She was about 4 months pregnant at the end of Oct. when she announced her pregnancy therefor she should be having that baby in March not May.

  • Anonymous

    I think a lot of it is water retention and the way her body is. She’s very short and has a very short torso. At 7 months pregnant (I am tall and have a long torso), I already had people thinking I was due “any day” because my belly just grew so big. My baby did not measure heavy but she measured tall. I ate relatively well and had lots of craving and indulgences like Jessica but the rest of my body was not that big, just belly and I was (am) puffy. I’m now 41 weeks (overdue) and I’m huge. For months and months people have asked me if the due date is any day now, from about the 7 month month, like I said above. Not every woman carries the same way and some women’s bodies just get huge.

    • Anonymous9

      While women certainly carry differently, I don’t quite buy the water retention idea. Look at those ankles, she’s got less puffiness going on there than I do after a normal day at work and I’m pretty skinny!

  • Heart

    I was wondering when she would be due. It seems like she’s been preggers for FOREVER! She is gorgeous though! I love it! She creating life, and I believe she’s having a girl too! Stay strong Jess!

  • Anonymous

    she’s not due til may? oh, my..

  • Anonymous

    She is getting prettier by the day. needs to eat for the baby’s sake. Love that she wears the shoes. If she looks good she will feel good.

    She looks healthy not fat. Besides when you have that kind of money it will be easy to lose the weight.

    • Anonymous9

      Pregnancy requires an extra 300-500 calories a day. The eat for the baby idea is what leads women to gain 70 pounds and then discover after the birth that they still have 50 left over.

      The idea that it’s ever easy to lose that much weight is ridiculous. Personal trainers or not, months of eating whatever you’d like is a hard habit to break.

      • Dean

        Agreed. Money or not…’ll be hard to break that “eat whatever you want” habit she’s been on for the past 8 months. She’s not gonna like it one bit when her personal trainer tells her she’s down to 1100 calories a day. No fried food, no pepsi, no mexican. Just straight grilled chicken, veggies, water and nuts.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    PMG, she’s late for the church choir performance!

  • Courtney

    stop being so critical of her if she is indeed having twins maybe she’s experiencing gestational diabetes or something that causes excess weight gain. it’s weight watchers she has a deal with Mariah Carey is the spokes person for Jenny Craig and now 10 months after her adorable twins Moroccan & Monroe were born she’s basically lost all the 80+ lbs she gained from a near deadly pregnancy. leave Jessica alone carrying a new life inside of you isn’t easy

  • anon

    She’s already admitted that she’s eating too much she said she’s eating poptarts slathered with butter the weight she has gained is excessive and not healthy for her or the baby. I don’t think Joanne Woodward gained this much when she was pregnant with Paul Newman’s children.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t care about her weight gain, I think it’s awesome she doesn’t seem to care about that. And it does look like water, look at her hands!
    The only thing I hate about this picture are her high heels!! I hate it when pregnant woman do that.

  • sharron jones

    jessica looks beautiful, she is already big chested so of course shes going to be alot larger there then most.. look at her face and her ankles she not really that swollen, some people carry there babies staight out some all around the tummy…

  • Anonymous

    I am sorry but I am the same height/size as jessica and I did not look that big with either of my pregnancies. Yes everyone carries different but she looks like she is over eating, she is going to have a lot of work ahead of her afterwards :o( And i dont understand why she would torture herself with those heels, pregnancy is uncomfortable enough without inflicting it on yourself…

  • Matastrophe

    I wonder if Mr. Kool Aid is happy about the pregnancy..

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