Ben Affleck & Jennifer Garner Welcome Third Child: A Boy!

It’s a boy for Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck!

The high-profile couple welcomed a son in Santa Monica, a source confirms to PEOPLE. No further information has been released at this time. The new addition joins big sisters Violet, 6, and Seraphina, 3.

The couple announced they were expecting baby No. 3 in August.

“It would be so weird to have a boy,” Jen, 39, said.

Congratulations to the Garner-Affleck family!

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  • Lauren

    awwwwwh how exciting!! a boy! wonderful news 🙂 congrats to them!! cant wait to hear the name.

  • klutzy_girl

    Yay! So happy I was right about them having a boy. Can’t wait to hear his name. And congratulations to them!

    And with that, what seemed like a pregnancy that was taking forever is finally over.

    • Anonymous

      Congratulations on being “right”! You must be so proud that you were able to guess correctly something that had a 50% chance of being true. You should play the lottery next with that kind of luck.

      • Deb

        Wow, why so sarcastic? This person was just saying she had a feeling.

      • Anonymous

        What is wrong with you?????? Why do you feel the need to needlessly cut someone down for no reason? Disgusting!

        • Anonymous

          Because people who try to act like they were “right” about something that has a 50-50 probability are idiots.

          • Anonymous

            You are so right, there’s nothing smart or telepathic about guessing a baby’s sex!

          • Anonymous

            Nobody said that it means you are smart or telepathic, did they? Perhaps people just do things sometimes ‘just for fun’? Maybe they had a hunch or strong feeling one way or another about something and they were right? What is so wrong about enjoying life and having fun? Have you never made a guess about anything ever? Geesh, calm down. People make bets all the time for stuff…lots of times even have office polls to bet on…gasp…a unborn baby’s gender! How dare they!!

          • VeronicaRamos

            And yet you’re here… being an idiot.

          • Anonymous

            You know who’s acting like an idiot? YOU. NO REASON to be incredibly negative and hateful. One of the oldest little ‘games’ people love to play is guessing a baby’s gender. YES, we are ALL aware it’s one or the other but some people think it’s cute and fun. She guessed ‘boy’, she was happy about it. There is NO excuse for you to be so incredibly rude and nasty to someone because they, clearly light-heartedly, said ‘Oh, I was right!’. You are what’s wrong with the world.

          • Anonymous

            So it’s an old game. Who cares? It’s still stupid.

          • Anonymous

            And in case you forgot, this a public forum where everyone can respond, not some private party where everyone is going to think your dumb games are cute. They’re not. If you or anyone else can’t handle being criticized, you shouldn’t comment here in the first place. Or make better comments. (For instance, I don’t mind being called an idiot by you, because you have no credibility with me, and I don’t care about your opinion.)

      • Anonymous

        I’m sorry, but that’s funny!!!

      • Anon

        Couldn’t have said it better myself.

    • anon.

      And with that, what seemed like a pregnancy that was taking forever is finally over

      What kind of a crazy comment is that? Were you personally affected by the duration of her pregnancy? Let me guess, since you seem to live vicariously through Jen and other celebs, you probably gained some sympathy weight and experienced a number of cravings, endured swollen ankles, sore breasts and oh, how about those labour pains. Get some help.

      • Anon

        It’s called Xanax…call your MD in the morning and let them know you are stalking the Jennifer Garner CB site and you need some help STAT!

        • Anonymous

          Yeah, Klutzy Girl, take your meds!!!

          • Anonymous

            Leave her alone. Let her enjoy the site. She’s not hurting anyone. So what if she loves the Afflecks. So what. Let her be happy for them.

          • Anonymous

            All of you are crazy….I’m just sayin

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Yay, I can’t wait to hear the name. Congrats to the Afflecks!

  • alyson

    YESSSS…I have been stalking this site waiting for this news. So exciting for them. Wonder who he is gonna look like.

  • Anonymous

    Congrats Jen and Ben!
    Yeah…A baby boy! I’m happy for them.

  • Tiffany

    YAY!!!!!!!!!!! Sooo happy for them. I had two girls and then a boy too..and then another boy. I know his sisters can’t wait to love on him:)

  • Nina D.

    Aww!!! What wonderful news! Many congratulations to them! I can’t wait to learn what they name him and see the little darling! <3

  • SMH

    yay! I knew the “he” slip meant it had to be a boy! I can’t wait to hear a name and I really hope it goes with Sera and Violet but not too outrageous!

  • Snaperulz

    Congrats to the entire family!

  • Rosy

    How exciting, their girls are absolutely beautiful so their boy will be very handsome indeed. I can’t wait to hear what his name is.

  • Anonymous

    Can’t wait to hear the name and birthdate (maybe today). Congrats!

  • Anonymous

    I can’t be happier for them! I’m sure Vio and Sera will be excellent sisters for the little boy. And I can’t wait to hear his name. Congratulations for all the family.

  • Erin

    So exciting, congratulations to the Garner/Affleck family, can’t wait to hear the name that they decide on

  • Anne

    Aww. Love it! Let’s hope that they stop there, now that they have a boy.

    • Emily

      What a weird thing to say….. maybe they weren’t having a 3rd in hopes for a boy???
      I had a boy and a girl…and then another girl…and then 2 more boys…. I’m glad I didn’t take any of those comments to heart. Weird.

    • Anonymous

      why should they stop? if they want to have more they can its their choice, you dont feed them or support them so keep quite. I cant stand people who put their filthy noses to how many children people should have or already have.

    • Anonymous

      Why do you hope they stop having children? Is there something wrong with having more than 3, if that is what they want? We’re not talking about the Duggers here.

      • Anonymous

        I don’t know if this is what the person was getting at, but yes there is something wrong with having a lot of children. The fact that there are millions if children around the world that don’t have homes doesn’t bother you? The fact that we’re over populating the earth irresponsibliy doesn’t bother you? I’ve never understood people who can have more then a couple children, without feeling guilty.

        • Anonymous

          No, it doesn’t bother me, at least not to the point where I would ever consider butting my nose into other people’s business where it doesn’t belong. Other people’s decisions about how to create their families are none of my business, and also none of yours. The only time when it becomes our business (meaning, society’s) is if the parents have more children then they can take care of. That is not the case here.

        • Anonymous

          Why is it irresponsible?? When responsible people have them, they are happily married successful people. Its not like they are drug dealers and murderers, as long as responsible people have them theres nothing wrong with having more than two.

        • Anonymous

          Angelina, is that you?

          • Jules

            LOL. Probably.

        • Anonymous

          I seriously doubt that anyone who was bothered by “the fact that there are millions of children around the world that don’t have homes” is frequently a website that is SPECIFICALLY devoted to children being born.

          And if you TRULY felt this way, how could you even have “a couple children” without feeling guilty?

        • Anon.

          I like to think that if people who don’t want children or can’t take care of children didn’t reproduce, there would be no issue with the remainder having large families.

  • Anonymous

    Congrats to a beautiful family!

  • Tay


    The Affleck’s are ADORABLE! God Bless this family

  • nicoleC

    they are the most wonderful family in Hollywood!!!!!
    So down to earth,have time with their kids /\/\

  • carolyn Robertson

    Congratulations! Such a sweet family! 🙂

  • Ella

    I find it ironic that the same people who complain about people overpopulating the earth are products of parents who decided to have them and to do what: overpopulate the earth. Unless you’re adopting kids with the money YOU earn or choosing to be childless then you have no reason to talk. You’re posting on a thread where unless you’re sending you’re congratulations then you need to find somewhere else to post you’re “save the earth” slogan. Respect people’s decision on their family size because it’s not your place to decide for them.

    Congrats on the new baby–every child is a gift!

  • Anonymous

    Ah, so that explains why a day went by on this site without pictures! Surprised she didn’t have the pap’s there in the delivery room.

    Now there’s a new baby to photograph I’m predicting minimum two batches of photographs per day, 7 days a week? How will Jessica Alba squeeze in her face time now?!?

    • Anonymous

      And how would you know how many photos of her are on this site unless you spent a pretty massive amount of time here.

      Another poster who complains about the number of photos of this woman (and now Jessica Alba too) who takes the time to comment each and every time.

      It’s not the photos of Jennifer Garner and Jessica Alba that anyone is sick of (the photos are the reason we all come here, duh), it’s the stupid repeat posters whose superiority complexes are getting out of hand.

  • AvaElizabeth

    Congratulations to the Garner-Afflecks!

    I love to see that family 🙂 Thought 2 days ago, birth can’t be so far, because they weren’t seen at the oscars and also no new pics here.

    Don’t know why, but I thought they will have a third girl. Will be very interesting how it works for them with a boy now 🙂

  • Shirelle

    Congrats wow I thought they would be having another girl!

  • Anonymous

    I thought she was having triplets honestly. That kid had to weigh over 10 pounds.

  • Anonymous

    The boy is called Samuel Garner Affleck. Ben just put it up on his Facebook.

  • Zanna

    According to his name is Samuel and he was born on Monday!!!

  • Anonymous

    CONGRATULATIONS! Really proud of you both and so happy for you …. keep shining. You must have a hard time to stop smiling… Beautiful name. Don’t forget to teach him about warm fuzzies…


  • Anonymous

    what a terrible name

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