Gabriel Aubry & His Sweet Schoolgirl

Nahla and Gabriel Aubry were seen leaving her school in Los Angeles, Calif. on Tuesday (February 28). The 3-year-old got a piggy back ride to the car while dad held onto her lunch tote.

Wearing a gray dress and polka dot tights – Nahla looked so sweet!

Halle Berry – who was a no-show at the Oscars Sunday night – was supposed to present an award. She didn’t go because of her injured foot. The actress has a lot on her plate these days.

She recently filed paperwork requesting that she and Nahla be allowed to move to Europe.

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  • Micaela

    They are an adorable daddy daughter pair.

  • Anonymous

    she likes her daddy
    tomarrow there will be a photo of Halle with a grim faced daughter

  • Anonymous

    Exactly where does it look like she is afraid of her dad! He makes it fun for her!
    Halle huts grabs her arm and makes her walk to the car! He makes it fun with piggy backs and she always has a smile on her face and love how he is a constant in her life! Thank you CElwbeity Baby Scoop! Wonderful pix

    • Anna

      well, Halle probably doesn’t carry her because of her broken foot. But for the rest I have to agree with you, she looks happy being with him.

  • Anonymous

    Adorable. Love those tights!

  • lois

    Nahla loves bonding with daddy. Poor Gabe, all of this mess with his ex seems to be taking a toll on him, despite his happiness when with Nahla. Shame on you, Halle for trying to beat people down!

    • Anon

      And shame on Gabriel for trying to beat people up!

      • Anonymous

        You’ll buy anything being sold to you.

        • Anonymous

          And you’ll buy the sweet little daddy photos that are being sold to you. I guess we’re both guilty.

          • Anonymous

            I buy the court that declined to charge him because the accuser was less then credible.

          • Anonymous

            Yet, he’s still not allowed unsupervised visits with his child.

  • Anonymous

    Halle Always has ‘issues’ with every man she been with
    after a while its dawn on people its not them
    its her

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