Jennifer Aniston: “[Motherhood] Doesn’t Measure The Level Of My Happiness”

Despite recent rumors that Wanderlust actress Jennifer Aniston is sporting a baby bump, the 43-year-old star claims that she is indeed not pregnant and when and if she is ever so blessed, it will be when she’s good and ready.

During a recent interview on CBS This Morning, the the former Friends alum laments that it’s “very narrow-minded” for people to assume she’s unhappy without a baby.

“That doesn’t measure the level of my happiness or my success in my life, in my achievements, in any of that.” Jennifer explains.

She also adds that she doesn’t give “a crap what other people think” and she’s happier “than I’ve ever been.”

“I feel great,” Jennifer – who recently celebrated her 43rd birthday – tells Gayle King. “I feel like I’m 30. I honestly didn’t start to feel my best until was in my 30s. Physically, I started eating better and taking better care of my body, in terms of being physical and exercise.”

“I think it’s important every year to celebrate your birthday and be excited about it,” she continues. “I’m 43 and it’s great!”

Jennifer is currently dating her Wanderlust co-star Justin Theroux, 40.

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  1. Anonymous

    I just love her refreshing perspective! It’s great to hear an actress celebrate her age, and the aging process, and not try to hide how old she is. And she has a wonderfully healthy mentality about motherhood. Kids shouldn’t be used to try and “make you happy” or to fill some void, and more people need to acknowledge this. People need to be content with themselves and in their lives with or without children.

    I also love that regardless of age and biological clocks she is letting this relationship play out in a sensible manner. They’re not yet together a year and seem to be taking things one step at a time. Living together now for several months, just bought a home together that they are getting ready to move into, and have adopted a puppy that they are testing their joint “parenting” on. Once they’re ready to add to their family, hopefully they’ll be able to conceive, but if not, they have plenty of options open to them to attain the family she’s maintained she wants. I think this is so much smarter then so many other celebs who seem to be pregnant no time after hooking up, and who inevitably end up separating.

    • anonymous2

      GOOD FOR HER!! I agree , the world would be a lot better without so many “I dont feel complete without a child” babies running around! I have alot more respect for her and am glad she doesn’t mind standing up for herself!!

  2. Anonymous

    I am happy that she has her principles and stands by them. She could easily have a baby via surrogate or adopt just to lease the public. Good for her that she has not done that but has stuck to her guns and done what trully makes her happy. She looks gorgeous.

  3. Anonymous

    All the more power to her! There’s a lot more to life than reproducing, and if she’s happy that’s all that matters. People need to stfu and mind their own business.

  4. Anonymous

    Just SAY IT Jennifer!

    Say “I dont want kids!”

    How hard would it be to admit it? Orrrrr is the real difficulty in knowing that once you speak those words then you will lose all that carefully crafted pity from the fans who were so upset when Brad left you?

    In the USA refusal to have kids is immediate grounds for divorce, and when you promised Brad youd have kids after Friends wrapped and you then scheduled 2-3 movies, YOU defaulted on your marriage. NOT Brad. He wanted little Jens, you wanted BIG FAME!

    You now have it.

    BTW you did sleep with Tom Selleck (MARRIED Tom Selleck) during Friends, cheating on Tate Donavan, so dont wear innocent on your sleeve!

  5. Whatever

    she should tell that to her rabid fans

  6. Anonymous

    This is all wonderful! I am glad she finally confessed so to say that she was not ready to have kids and all when she was with Brad. Basically wasting his time! So he’s not the scoundrel he was portrayed to be. He somewhat told Oprah and the rest of the world he effed up. and they did not want the same thing. It’s funny that she’s coming off offended or aggravated that this topic is still on the table since she was always saying her career wasn’t a problem in their marriage.

    • Anonymous

      Where did you read her saying she “wasn’t ready for kids” or didn’t and doesn’t want them? She is not saying that at all, and has never said that. Moreover, Pitt himself has maintained that the rumors that she didn’t want kids are “utter BS.” He told this to Esquire and Diane Sawyer in 2005. Why is it so hard to understand that someone can 1) want kids, but 2) still be happy and complete without them? This is what she’s saying here. Nothing more.

  7. Anonymous

    She does not want children wish people would leave her alone
    not all women want to be mums

  8. Anonymous

    Where did she say she doesn’t want kids? Loons like you like to assume that her life is desperate because she doesn’t have them, well I will tell you what having kids doesn’t measure a woman’s worth. Only narrow-minded women stuck in the 1940s would think so. As for the Brad thing. I am sure you know exactly why their marriage ended you “such know it alls”. Kudos for her to not having a baby just because that is the new thing in hollyweird (when most of them drop those kids to nannies for months) or do it to trap a man. One thing for sure is she will rock as a mom if that is what she wants.

  9. Anonymous

    And why bring Brad into this. And if you must know Brad has never been blamed for the supposedly *cheating* in his marriage. The two women are the ones who have suffered by being pittied against each other even 7 years after the fact. So his sorry and coward butt can just sit and STFU.

  10. Anonymous

    she depends on minivan moms to buy her movies by saying she does not want kids she would be alienating that $$$$ market
    no money in her pocketbook she makes ( crappy ) movies nonstop
    surely she must have accumulated a fortune by now and she is still be offered movie roles

  11. Anonymous

    Please only uneducated women would think it’s a sin to not want kids. I happen to be her fan and if she didn’t want kids I would still support her 100% and yes I am a mom. I happen to have been educated and not turn out ignorant or narrow-minded. I wonder how old you yourself are and if you still live in the old times.

  12. loveliason

    I’m glad she’s admitting that she never wanted kids. But why is she on this site? Isn’t this a site about babies? Oh well, I always thought her marriage to Brad ended because he wanted kids. It’s good she’s starting to be honest about that.

    • Anonymous

      I’m not sure what quotes you’re reading, but she isn’t and hasn’t ever said she never or doesn’t want kids. In fact she has always maintained that she does and did want children. Her ex, Pitt, has also said that the idea they split because he wanted children and she didn’t is “utter BS.”

      The level of reading comprehension of some people on here is absolutely alarming.

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