Denise Richards & Charlie Sheen: Peaceful Co-Parenting

In another family getaway, friendly exes Denise Richards and Charlie Sheen posed for pics with their gorgeous girls, Sam, nearly 8, and Lola, 6.

“The fam flew out to spend time with me during my last few days of filming,” the actress wrote on her blog “I was so happy to have them there. Here we are on my birthday morning in Atlanta (Eloise was asleep),” she wrote regarding the above photo.

Denise, who stars in Tyler Perry’s upcoming flick, was able to sneak away for some local fun.

“We went to the Georgia Aquarium later in the day to celebrate,” Denise wrote. “It was a great experience and I highly recommend visiting the aquarium with your kids if you haven’t already.”

Sharing another photo of her ex-husband with their elder daughter, Denise wrote, “After that, it was a flight back to L.A. for all of us. Thanks for the memories, Atlanta!”

Denise is also mom to daughter Eloise, 8 months.

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cool, the girls look happy and Charlie Sheen quite in a good shape, wish them well.


it’s amazing that she can stay such good friends with him given his behavior. he must be a COMPLETELY different person when he’s sober


Or maybe she’s just doing it so the kids can have their father in their life??


Or she’s afraid he’ll beat her up if she’s not friendly. This guy is scum.


I for one don’t believe in people being different when they’re sober or drunk or whatever. I think everyone has a good side, a bad side, and an ugly side. Which one of those sides they show to other people is a whole other story. Just because they’re an a-hole to one person doesn’t mean they’re not good to their kids.


True, but this guy has really, really violent outbursts. I’m not so sure it’s controllable.

I think it’s great that she tries to keep their relationship intact, but if I were her, I wouldn’t spend any time alone with him.


I think the environment in which they seem him is controlled. Denise seems to br making lemonade from lemons!


Are you kidding me? How can you seriously use the words Charlie Sheen and parenting in the same sentence without bursting a vein in your eye? Co-parenting is not vacations and a couple of photos. And this guy is a super train wreck. We are supposed to believe that his drug fueled crazed behavior with machetes and prostitutes is “co-parenting”? Great standards.