Felicity Huffman Launches Mom Blog

From Wisteria Lane to mom blogger!

Desperate Housewives star Felicity Huffman, 49 – proud mom to daughters Sophia, 11, and 9-year-old Georgia – is the latest celebrity mom to start a website for women and moms called WhattheFlicka.com.

With her popular TV series coming to an end, the Academy Award-nominated actress tells iVillage she’s “grateful for the most fulfilling eight years of my professional life.”

Felicity, who portrayed the hectic supermom Lynette Scavo on the popular ABC drama, goes on to talk about her newest venture as mom blogger.

As the show is coming to an end, I have many conflicting emotions, definitely I am sad, but more than sad I am grateful, grateful for the most fulfilling eight years of my professional life, and grateful to be in the midst of this wonderful community,” Felicity writes. “I don’t want to say goodbye to this great group of fans, and since I can’t invite you all over to hang in my kitchen sitting on the counters, cooking, laughing, sharing ideas and telling stories, I am going to create a virtual clubhouse where we can all still be connected and get the warmth, love and good advice I always look for from you, my family at large. So, please come and be a part of WhattheFlicka.com. I have been working on this for about six months now, and we have put together a great group of people who are sharing their thoughts and ideas. More importantly, I want it to be a place where readers can share their thoughts and wisdom and I can learn from you.”

Continue reading on iVillage. And be sure to check out Felicity’s new blog, WhattheFlicka.com.

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  • MustHaveABrain

    Now see…this is a CLASS ACT CELEBRITY..they DO exist! The majority of CBS posts, on this site.. are ZERO class WANNA-BE celebrities…snookie..really? Why? Any KarslutIAN? Make them take a speech class! Acting Class, or just GET SOME CLASS! Make these reality crap show slaves the anti-CBS..This site could be the GO TO site for everything ANTI-REALITY TV!

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