Grace Hightower’s Big Apple Babe

Robert De Niro‘s wife Grace Hightower was seen with their daughter Helen Grace, 2 months, in New York City on Monday (February 27). The actress/singer, 56, toted their newborn in a car seat on a sunny day in the Big Apple.

Helen, born via surrogate, is the second child for Grace and the Academy Award-winner. They are also parents to 14-year-old son Elliot.

Robert, 68, and Grace were wed in 1997. After splitting two years later, they renewed their vows in 2004.

The Godfather star also has two adult children with ex-wife Diahnne Abbott, and twin sons from another previous relationship.

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  • Anonymous

    A newborn at 56 and 68. Totally selfish.

    • Anonymous

      I know several people whose parents were in their late 40s and early 50s when they were born, and I have NEVER heard them be resentful that their parents had them at that age. So if their kids won’t care, why do you?

      They’re not a burden to society, they’re not asking you for anything, so let them be (without the nasty comments, if you can find it in your heart).

      • wealthslaves

        Wealth should not enable one to buy babies! Proof of a good parent does not come from the money paid for said child…just ask a sex trafficker what they paid… SICK!

        • Anonymous

          Sex trafficking? Really?

          Please go kill yourself. People like you are ruining this planet.

      • Anonymous

        Just because they’re not resentful doesn’t mean it doesn’t make them sad that their parents will probably die 20 years earlier than their peers’ parents.

        • Sun and Surf

          My Mom died at 36. Her mom died at 52. My best friend’s mom died at 57. One of my cousin’s mom tried to have a second child for 10 years after she gave birth to a daughter. She and her husband gave up and were looking forward to retirement when she became pregnant when she was 49. She was not happy at all. When she gave birth to a son, she was already 50. She is now 80 and he is 30. He used to give her flowers every day from their garden. Now, he brings her flowers once a week. He said that he does not know why he used to give her flowers when he was small. Now, he does it because he wants to show her his appreciation for having chosen to have him instead of having an abortion. Her Dr. was totally again her having a child at that age. She didn’t want a child at that age either but the other option was just not an option to her. Who knows who will live or who will die young?

      • Anon

        Late 40s vs. 68 is quite a difference.

      • MeMe

        We are not talking about late forties/early fifties. Grace is 56. Robert is 68. The man is pushing 70! Just because you CAN buy a baby, doesn’t mean you SHOULD. I don’t care what means they have, this is disgusting and selfish.

        • Anonymous

          Wow, who killed your cat this morning?

  • Anonymous

    its a way to hold on to a man

  • Trina

    Totally selfish… think about that child in kindergarten with 75 yr old parents :/

  • Anonymous

    For all you sanctimonious harpies, ALL decisions to have children are selfish, no matter what the age of the parents. If you claim you had children out of pure altruism, you are a liar. I don’t care how young you are.

    • Anon

      No one’s saying people have kids out of pure altruism, they’re saying having kids when your life span is 20-25 more years is selfish.

  • SMH

    someone that age should be toting her grandchild not baby! Sorry! I think once you are 50 its much to old to procreate whether you physically can or can’t.
    Of course they coudl both live well into their 90’s but how physically active can they be with this child? jmo of course.

    • Anonymous

      Well, that’s a new argument “how physically active can they be”?

      I hope you say the same thing about people in wheelchairs and the fat families wandering your local Walmart. How physically active can they be with their children?

      • Anonymous

        That’s not what the OP was saying and you know it. Where did you learn to argue? That child is going to get the short end of the stick and you know it.

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