Kyra Phillips On Advancements In Fertility Treatments

At the age of 42, CNN newsroom anchor Kyra Phillips welcomed fraternal twins, daughter Sage and son Kellan. One year after her own success story, Kyra reports on the fascinating advancements in fertility treatments which helped her become a mother and are helping many other women around the world. In her CNN special report Baby Quest, Kyra looks, in part, at Vitrification, the process which allows women to freeze their eggs at a young age to be used once they are ready to start a family.

Kyra opens up to Celebrity Baby Scoop about her upcoming special report, her own struggles with infertility, and her “amazing” 11-month-old twins.

CBS: Tell us about your upcoming CNN special report, Baby Quest. We hear it includes the topic of freezing eggs when women are young.

KP: “The special encompasses all kinds of infertility issues and the latest cutting edge techniques to help a woman get pregnant. Egg freezing is just one of the pieces within the half hour.”

CBS: Please tell us your story of becoming a mom at 42.

KP: “I didn’t freeze my eggs, I actually went through IVF. It is similiar though with regard to all the hormone shots. Except we didn’t freeze the eggs, we made embryos right away, then made the transfer, and now have a beautiful boy and girl.”

CBS: Why are you coming forward with this personal issue? Are you hoping to raise awareness on this topic?

KP: “Yes! I want women to know they have options and just because you are pushing 40, doesn’t mean you have to rush things. New techniques are such a blessing for women like me who weren’t ready to have kids in my 20’s or 30’s.”

CBS: How are your twins doing?

KP: “They are amazing! At 11-months they are walking, talking and tugging at my heartstrings every day. They are so curious and adventurous. I look at them and just melt.”

CBS: Do you wish you had children at a younger age? Are you feeling ‘too old’ for twins at 42?

KP: “I have to admit, I wish I were younger just so I could be a hipper mom when they are teenagers. However, at 42, I am wiser and much more patient.”

CBS: What is your best advice to women who are struggling with fertility issues?

KP: “Take the leap and know that you have unique techniques to try. Educate yourself through this special we put together and read the research that’s been conducted. It is so worth it. My twins are the best gift.”

Tune into CNN Saturday, March 3rd at 2:30 p.m. (ET) for Baby Quest anchored by Kyra Phillips.

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  1. Anon

    Good for her! Genetics has it SO wrong! Giving idiot men the ability to pro-create till they are dead JUST because they are too stupid to know how to be fathers when they are young… IS WRONG! Ever see a young stallion trying to mate??? Women deserve to have babies well after 40- preferably with donation sperm since the dumbass will will either be dead or gone by the time the baby is born. & Good riddance thanks for the insurance!!!

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