Nick Cannon: The Twins Love To Sing!

It sounds like 10-month-old twins Moroccan and Monroe are taking after their very musical mama Mariah Carey.

“They’re talking, and they’re singing!” dad Nick Cannon tells US of ‘Dem Babies.’ “They love to sing a lot, and vibe with our music, so it’s great!”

After a couple of health scares, the busy dad is forcing himself to slow down these days, stepping down from his 92.3 NOW radio show and focusing on his family.

‘I want to be there for my children. You want to make sure you’re alive more than anything. I’m having a good time, though,” Nick tells OK!. “It’s scary when you think about your health – where it can go – but when you’re doing it for the right reasons, and I’ve overcome so much in the past few months, it’s good.”

He adds that his wife of almost 4 years is doting over him, saying, “She’s always taking care of me. She’s my nurse. She makes sure I take all my medications, makes sure I eat. It’s great!”

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There is no way a 10 month old is able to sing, yet alone form a sentence. This guy is full of c***.


Quit know what he sing duh!


He’s been spewing c*** since those babies were born though, so I doubt he’ll stop any time soon. Those poor babies are going to grow up so superficial. Their parents seem to treat them like one child too, which is sad because it will stifle their individuality.


Where did he say they were speaking in sentences?


They might be humming? My son was humming twinkle twinkle at that age.


come on loosen up,u know what he is saying….babies do sing in their own way


people shut up all Nick is doing is being a proud dad which he has every right to be especially considering the twins almost didn’t survive being born 5 weeks premature. at least they can actually speak some kids don’t till they’re much older