Happy 13th Birthday Brooklyn Beckham!

Name: Brooklyn Joseph Beckham

Date of Birth: March 4, 1999

Parents: David & Victoria Beckham

Siblings: Romeo, 9, Cruz, 7, & Harper, 7 months


  • Brooklyn was born in Westminster, London at Portland Hospital (the same hospital Mel. B’s daughter Phoenix Chi was born in)
  • Victoria discovered she was pregnant with Brooklyn in 1998 when she was in New York touring with the Spice Girls
  • His middle name Joseph is also his father’s middle name
  • He was a mere 4 months old when he was assigned the special duty of ring-bearer at his parent’s wedding


“It’s brilliant. Victoria is very well. She is sitting up drinking champagne and has spoken to the other girls. It’s something I’ve always wanted, it’s something I’ve always wanted to do. It was very exciting but also a little bit scary. There were no complications. It was lovely.” – proud papa David on the birth of his first born child.

“Hmm …. well, you know when you get a TV you get a manual? Well, there isn’t one for motherhood. I’m constantly trying to figure it out and questioning whether I’m doing it right. But I’m so proud my kids. They are very well-mannered. We’ve always been very strict with the kids. That’s the way David and myself were brought up. But they’re free spirits as well. They laugh. They joke. They have fantastic personalities. I love hanging out with them.” – Victoria on motherhood.

“It would be easy for our kids to sit back and not work for anything, but they’re not like that. They’re as competitive as Victoria and me. We’re very lucky with our boys: They want to win. They want to work at something. They know their values. That’s the way we’ve brought them up so far, and that’s the way we’ll continue to bring them up.” – David on fatherhood.

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  • Anabelle

    “Drinking champagne”!? lol.

    • Rosy

      I would assume she was having a glass to celebrate the birth of her son 🙂 I figure she must have formula fed him, otherwise probably wouldn’t be drinking alcohol but maybe it was just a sip.

  • Hayley

    WOW! I remember when he was BORN!

  • Anonymous

    It going to be interesting to see them parent. Becks and Posh now will have the joys of a teen boy with girls chasing him, and him chasing the girls! Oh wow!

  • Anonymous

    Geez, I remember seeing him as a toddler on the tv with his dad… makes feel old though I’m only 18 myself 😛

  • Anonymous

    omg i am the same age as him! eekkkk! i love him <3

  • Anonymous

    I saw this boy in j-14magazine and I suddenly started liking him and I would love to mmleet him someday.

  • Esme Moran

    Omg no im in love with him, hes the background on my phone :/

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