Danielle Mason & Family Say Cheese

My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding star Danielle Mason was spotted leaving the ITV studios following a guest appearance on the Lorraine show in London, England. The blonde bombshell was accompanied by her cage fighting partner Tony Giles and the couple’s infant son Rudy, 6 months.

The underwear model – who has also starred in the BBC Three documentary which followed her public and private life as the sister EastEnders actress Jessie Wallace– sported a short, patterned dress and a pair of tan heels as she carried her baby boy in one arm and nestled into her partner.

It seems that although Danielle’s little guy is already half a year old, auntie Jessie Wallace still hasn’t met the tyke.

“Jessie hasn’t met Rudy yet, no, “Danielle admits.

It also seems that Tony isn’t prepared to pop the question to the English glamor model until she stops posing provocatively.

“She has to keep her kit on, and then she can have the ring,” he reveals.

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Photo credit: Splash News

  • Anonymous

    Welcome to the UK, guys. 😐

  • Anonymous

    Huh. They seem to have the same makeup artist.

  • Anonymous

    Wow are they orange!!!! Not a good color.

  • Rosy

    That’s quite the skin colour contrast between herself and her son…lay off the fake tan, it does nothing for you…you look like you rolled in Doritos.

    • Anonymous

      Hehehehe….that is funny!!!!

  • Anonymous

    The baby is the image of his father!

  • Anonymous

    Oh man, you guys beat me to the orange jokes !! HAHAHA – first thing I thought of was the move “The wizard of OZ” And those orange “Oompa Loompa” People.

    They really look bad !!!!

  • Anonymous

    Orange face + White arms = really bad spray tan.

    Hope they aren’t paying alot for that !!!!

  • Carrie

    Ummm…. Wow.

  • Anonymous

    What is it with the English and their fascination with orange tans??!!! Look at his face and then his hands, oh my….

    • Anabelle

      lol. I know! I’m English and seriously, the amount of orange girls walking around thinking they look good is unbelievable. Most of them look like drag queens but act like they’re God’s gift. It doesn’t help that shows like Big Fat Greek Wedding and The Only Way Is Essex glorify the look to UK girls.

  • freya

    Not that I am saying they look good but if they had just been on tv then the make up people do have to pile on the make up so that they look normal on tv.

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