Julia Roberts Shields Her Kids On Set Of Mirror, Mirror

Though her kids Hazel and Finn, 7, and Henry, 4, sometimes joined her on the set of her new film Mirror, Mirror, Julia Roberts says she made sure they didn’t see her in her role as the dreaded Evil Queen in the Snow White-themed tale.

“It was the first time that they would see me at work, and if we would start rehearsing or anything, I had to send them away because I’m only saying the most vile things, you know,” the Oscar-winner tells Extra!. “[The kids would say] ‘We just got here, why do we have to leave?’ ‘I don’t know, just go. I’ll see you in a minute.'”

So do Finn, Hazel and Henry understand what their mom does for a living?

“They are getting there,” she admits, noting that her face plastered on a giant billboard recently prompted a few questions. “The older ones are getting there.”

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  • Anabelle

    Why bring her kids to the set if she’s going to just shoo them away without even giving them a proper reason? Poor kids. They must be very frustrated and confused.

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