Kids for Blake Shelton & Miranda Lambert? In “A Couple Of Years”

Country couple Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert are just too busy for a baby at the moment.

“We just talked about that earlier this week, and I think we both agree that we’re a couple of years away from seriously talking about that” Blake, 35, told US at yesterday’s Cosmopolitan Fun Fearless Men and Women awards in New York.

The Voice mentor says he has no doubt his wife of almost a year will be a great mom – “If she’s anything with an actual human being like she is with dogs, the kid’s gonna be golden!” he notes – but right now they’re both just focusing on their careers.

“It’s just that there’s a lot of this stuff that’s happening right now, and it only happens once,” Blake says. “We want to be able to enjoy this and focus on our careers so when it is time, we’ll be ready to sit around and watch that happen.”

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  1. January

    WHY O why DOES cbs continue to report on this couple?? They do not have children..and IF their marriage does last another year & a little one is on the way, THEN it’s time for an article. I hope Blake heads FAR FAR away from THAT joke of a woman! He could do SO much better!

    • Anonymous

      Miranda Lambert is awesome and they love each other so don’t go sayin miranda is a joke of a women cuz she isn’t and they belong together Blake did good she is beautiful and talented and funny and I bet a
      Bunch of people would agree with me Miranda is awesome she is such a goo role model and a great singer she is gorgeous and a loving person

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