Report: Jenelle Evans “Devastated” Over Paternity Test Results

Troubled Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans is reportedly “devastated” after learning the truth regarding the paternity of her 2-year-old son Jace

Although Andrew Lewis is listed on the birth certificate as Jace’s father, the 20-year-old single mom has admitted that she was actually unsure if Andrew was the father on account of her past indiscretions with other men.

According the the Daily Mail, Andrew underwent a paternity test and the results prove that he is, in fact, Jace’s father, something that a close friend claims the young man didn’t need a test to figure out.

“Andrew always knew deep down he was Jace’s father, but it’s a huge relief to actually prove it to Jenelle and finally have rights to get Jace back in his life,” the insider reports.

“Andrew broke down in tears when he found out the news and he cried when Jenelle finally let him see Jace via Skype for the first time in almost two years,” the source adds.

The Daily Mail also reports that when Andrew and Jenelle were skyping on Christmas Eve of last year, Jace asked his mother who was on the screen. When Jenelle replied, “Nobody important,” the young father was crushed.

“Andrew just lost it and broke down into tears,” a friends reveals. “It was affirmation just how horrible of a mom Jenelle is.”

“It breaks Andrew’s heart having to watch his son grow up on TV, ” the source continues. “But Jenelle said the only way he can have a relationship with Jace is if he films for Teen Mom so he signed a contract with MTV and has already filmed for next season.”

Andrew is also allegedly making every effort to keep in contact with his son, who is currently in the custody of Jenelle’s mother Barbara due to her daughter’s questionable lifestyle, including multiple run-ins with the law and a stint in rehab.

“After confirming and documenting the DNA test Jenelle and her mom Barbara promised to send pictures, post cards and let Andrew fly to North Carolina to see Jace, but all of his calls have gone unanswered so far, ” the source reports.

“He’s trying to have a relationship with Jace so he can someday regain custody from Barbara, but Jenelle and her mom are making every effort to continue to shut Andrew out.”

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  • Anonymous

    Here’s a tip girls – only have sex with one person at a time and you won’t even NEED a paternity test! Isn’t that crazy!?

    • Anonymous

      I couldn’t agree more but let’s not forget to send that message to the boys too!

    • Anonymous

      Most of the time the guy is the one who doesn’t believe the girl and wants the test!

    • Anonymous


  • Anonymous9

    So much crap in this article. As the father you have certain legal rights; you don’t have to film a reality show to see your kid, you go to court and force a visitation schedule. He’s another scumbag kid who is more interested in being on tv than he is in raising his child; but he should fit right in on that show.

    • Anonymous

      I’m guessing that he doesn’t press the issue because they don’t press the child-support issue. He doesn’t want to have to pay, so he stays away.

      Losers all around.

      • Its Me Again

        Andrew has since Jace’s birth paid child support and sent gifts. Gifts you can watch that scumbag Jenelle open on youtube and say the meanest things about. Give the boy a chance,he may surprise us.

  • Anonymous

    The father is….exactly who she thought it was. How is that devastating?

  • Anonymous

    Why isn’t she on Maury Povich? Isn’t that where these sleezy sleep around girls go who don’t know the paternity of their children?

  • Anonymous

    So the guy that everyone thought was a deadbeat up until this point isn’t even the father?!?!? Oh my.

  • Anonymous

    Jenelle doesn’t even want to be a mother to Jace, so why is she shutting his father out? Jace would probably be better off with his father than with his mother.

    • Anonymous

      I don’t think so. Isn’t he the alcoholic teenager who split directly after the baby’s birth?

  • amy

    while we all witnessed andrew’s questionable lifestyle on 16 and pregnant, the guy ADMITTED he wasn’t ready for a child and did what he THOUGHT was better. i give him more credit than jenelle. he knew he wasn’t fit and didn’t stick around making jace suffer and watch him battle addiction, etc. jenelle won’t go away because she loves herself more than jace. she doesn’t care how toxic she is to the child. i have no doubt that jace would be SO much better off if jenelle would just disappear from his life. barbara is raising him, and while yes – she seems a little… odd, she CLEARLY loves her grandbaby. and the ONLY unstable part of her life seems to be jenelle. i give andrew A LOT more credit than jenelle. is he an awesome parent? no. but at least he doesn’t hangout with jace while high and bring his drug addict dates (aka KIEFFER) around his son.

    • Anonymous

      Is he an awesome parent? No, because he’s **no** parent.

    • Anonymous

      That’s so backwards. Copping out completely is what he did. Neither were ready to be parents. Only he was able to disappear and go on with his life without the responsibility of a child. A mother can’t just do that. And Barbara is more than a little odd. She is as toxic to that child as his mother is. She screams, curses and badmouths her daughter with NO regard to the damage it is causing that poor child. If she raises him, it’s only a matter of time before she directs that behavior at him.

  • SMH

    Although I watch the show – it’s my guilty pleasure (besides Dance Moms) I do see how detrimental it can be to these families. Is fame and money really worth the aggravation that follows? Wouldn’t it be better to raise your kids outside the public eye? Why would anyone choose this for their kids?

    • Anonymous

      They do it because people like you watch the show and give them publicity.

  • Its Me Again

    Andrew does and always had paid child support. He was a baby and took the easy road out. I’m sure he was grateful to mtv for saying sign contract or stay away but let’s be fair and give him a chance. It’s not a second chance it’s his first adult chance. Personally I think he’s going to pass our tests. We the viewers have the power to make or break this boy. For Jace’s sake I hope he turns out respectable. Imagine having two deadbeat party going losers as parents. I’m rooting for him.

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